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   ~Timeless Poetry~

    By: Bob Macchia

I am married to the love of my life, Dee, since 9/18/71. We have four grown children from 19 (a boy, the youngest), to 28 (all the rest are girls)...and a grandson who just turned one. We have a parrot and a cat, and I have been writing poems for almost 10 yrs. I enjoy writing, and at times can put together a poem in less than 1 hour. Most all of my poems rhyme. This entire collection is copyrighted as "A Potpourri of Poetry, My Thoughts Aloud....." I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I did writing them. When you finish reading one or all of them I would appreciate your comments, just email me...
thanks and enjoy.

Bob Macchia

All work is copyrighted, and is not to be used or reprinted without express permission of the author,
All rights reserved, (C)1995-2000

A Potpourri Of

God's Most Precious Gift
~A Handicapped Child~
Our Lives Are Like A River
Oh Lord
Once Picturesque
Our Fighting Soldiers
The Lonely Hearted
Making "Sense" Of It
Love For All Seasons
Everyone Has A Purpose In Life
When You Cried At Night
 God's Crystal Ball
Loves Last Gift...Remembrance
Love Interrupted
 Love In A Storm

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