Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps - T (123) Submit Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
18 December 2001
Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
No Name Languange Description
1 T (In circle) Peru-Huacho overprint.
2 T ("T" in each corner with value in center of stamp) Dominican Republic Postage Due.
3 T Abyssinia overprint on Postage Due stamps.
4 T South Australia Official overprint (Treasurer).
5 T. TA.C. Turkey Postal Tax Air Mail stamps.
6 T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K. (Under design) Poland semiofficial air mail stamp.
7 T.A.G. French Gulanla air mail.
8 T.C. India overprint on stamps of Cochin for TravancoreCochin.
9 T.C. Turkiye Postalari Turkey.
10 T.C.E.K. Turkey Postal Tax stamps.
11 T.E.O. Cilicia, Syria overprint on stamps of French Offices in Turkey.
12 T.E.O.Cilicie Cilicia overprint on stamps of Turkey.
13 T.E.O.Milliemes Syria overprint on stamps of France.
14 T.R. Southern Australia Official overprint (Titles Registration).
15 T.S. DE C. Honduras overprint.
16 Tacna Y Arica Peru Postal Tax stamps.
17 Tahiti Tahiti overprint on stamps of France, French Colonies, French Oceania.
18 Takca Bulgaria Postage Due.
19 Takse Albania Postage Due.
20 Talca Chile Postal Tax stamps.
21 Tammerfors Finland Local Post.
22 Tanga Portuguese India Money Unit.
23 Tanganyika & Zanzibar Tanzania.
24 Tanganyika, Kenya And Uganda Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
25 Tanger France, Spain overprint, Offices in Morocco.
26 Tanger Elksar Morocco Local Post.
27 Tangerfez Morocco Local Post.
28 Tangier Great Britain, Offices in Morocco.
29 Tangier-Morocco-Laraiche Morocco Local Post.
30 Tanzania, Kenya And Uganda Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
31 Tanzania, Zanzibar Zanzibar.
32 Tassa Gazzette Modena Newspaper Tax stamp, Italian States.
33 Tati Concessions South Africa Local Post.
34 Taxa De Guerra Macso, Value in AVOS Portuguese Africa, Value $0; Portuguese India, Value in RP; Guinea, Value in REIS.
35 Taxa Devida Brazil Postage Due.
36 Taxe Albania Postage Due overprint.
37 Taxes Belgian Congo, RuandiUrundi overprint for Postage Due.
38 TbBA TannuTuva.
39 Tchad overprint on stamps of Middle Congo, Chad, 1922.
40 Tchongking overprint for Chungking, 1902-1922. French post offices in China.
41 Te Betalen Curacao, Netherlands, Netherlands Indies. (preceded by "A Payer") Belgium Postage Due.
42 Te Betalen Port (When stamps are printed in green ink) Curacao (When printed in blue ink) Netherlands (When printed in lilac ink) Surinam.
43 Teese & Co. Penny Post United States Local Post.
44 Teheran Persia overprint.
45 Telegraph Despatch Post United States Local Post.
46 Temphat Vietnam Postage Due stamps.
47 Territoire De L'inini Inini overprint on stamps of French Guiana.
48 Territoire Du Niger Niger overprint on stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger.
49 Territoire Francaise Des Afars Et Des Issas Afars and Issas.
50 Territoire Militaire Fezzan Fezzan, French Occupation of Libya.
51 Territorio De Ifni Ifni overprint on stamps of Spain.
52 Territorios Del Africa Occidental Espanola Spanish West Africa.
53 Territorios Espanoles Del Golfo De Guinea Spanish Guinea.
54 Terrs. Espanoles Del Golfo De Guinea Spanish Guinea.
55 Tete Tete overprint on stamps of Portuguese Colonies.
56 Tetouan Maroc Chechouan Morocco Local Post.
57 Tetuan Spanish MoroccoTetuan overprint on stamps of Spain.
58 Tetuansheshuan Morocco Local Post.
59 Thai, Thailand Thailand (Siam).
60 Thailand-Cents Malaya, Siamese Occupation.
61 The Gilbert Islands Gilbert islands overprint on stamps of Gilbert & Ellice Islands.
62 Theresienstadt Czechoslovakia Concentration Camp Post.
63 Thirty Two Cents Liberia overprint.
64 Thomond Ireland Phantom country.
65 Thrace Interalliee Thrace overprint on stamps of Bulgaria, Allied Occupation.
66 Thrace Occidentale Thrace overprint on stamps of Bulgaria, Allied Occupation.
67 Throndhjems (Trondhjems) Bypost Norway Local Post.
68 Thule Greenland Local Post.
69 Thuringen Germany Russian zone stamps.
70 Thurn And Taxis Germany-Thurn and Taxis, private postal operation.
71 Tibet An unofficial overprint applied to stamps of India by Indian postal officials at temporary post offices in Tibet in 1903.
72 Tical Thailand monetary unit.
73 Tientsin overprint for Tientsin, 1917, Italian post offices in China.
74 Tierra Del Fuego Argentina Local Post
75 Timbre Imperial Journaux France Newspaper stamp.
76 Timbre Movil Spanish Language countries Tax stamp.
77 Timbre Poste France overprint on Postage Due stamps. Offices in Morocco.
78 Timbre Taxe (With numeral and no country name) French Colonies General Issue.
79 Timbrul Aviatiei Romania Postal Tax stamps.
80 Timor Timor overprint on stamps of Macao, Mozambique.
81 Timor Portugues Timor.
82 Tin Can Island Niuafou island-Tonga.
83 Tirane Kallnuer Albania overprint.
84 Tjenestefrimarke Denmark Official stamps.
85 To Pay Great Britain Postage Due stamps.
86 Toga Tonga.
87 Togo Togo overprint on stamps of Dahomey, Germany, Gold Coast.
88 Togolaise Togo.
89 Tokelau Islands Tokelsu Islands overprint on stamps of New Zealand.
90 Tolima Colombia-Tolima Department.
91 Tomans Persia (Iran) Money Unit.
92 Tonsberg Norway Local Post.
93 Toscano Tuscany.
94 Touva Tannu Tuva.
95 Tovva Tannu Touva overprint on stamps of Mongolia.
96 Traite De Versailles Ailenstein overprint on stamps of Germany.
97 Transjordan Jordan.
98 Transkei South Africa Homeland State.
99 Transporto Pacchi In Concesslone Italy Parcel Post stamps.
100 Travancore-Anchal, Anchel India Feudatory State.
101 Travancore-Cochin India Feudatory State.
102 Trebizonde Russia overprint, Offices in Turkish Empire.
103 Trengganu Malaya, Malaysia.
104 Trentino Austria overprint, Italian Occupation.
105 Tridentina Austria overprint on stamps of Italy, Italian Occupation.
106 Trieste Trieste overprint on stamps of Italy.
107 Tripoli Tripolitania.
108 Tripoli (Preceded with "XII CAMPIONARIA"), Libya.
109 Tripoli Dl Barberia Italy overprint, Offices in Tripoli.
110 Tripoli Maggio Tripoiltanla overprint on stamps of Libya for air mail.
111 Tripolitania Tripolitania overprint on stamps of Italy.
112 Tristan Da Cunha Tristan Da Cunha overprint on stamps of St. Helena.
113 Tromso Bypost Norway Local Post.
114 Trucial States Persian Gulf Sheikdoms.
115 Tu Maco Colombia-Cauca Postmaster Provisional Labels.
116 Tunis, Tunisie Tunisia.
117 Turk Postalari Turkey.
118 Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus Formerly part of Cyprus, formed in 1983.
119 Turkiye (Cumhuriyeti) Turkey.
120 Tuscany Italian State.
121 Tuvalu Tuvalu overprint on stamps of Gilbert and Ellice Islands.
122 Two Pence (With Queen on a throne, above inscription) Victoria.
123 Two Sicilies Italian State.