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News and Latest Updates (10-20-02)

I've been really busy with games lately.  I now work for Fair Play Games, which my friend owns.  The cool thing is that Fair Play will soon be selling my old word game, Yaddy-Yadda!!  That game used to be here for free, but shortly you'll be able to buy it from Fair Play for $5.  It will come with everything you need to play.

Yaddy-Yadda is now published by my company, Black & White Games.  This is my outlet for simple, fun games that are inexpensive.

I've taken down almost all the old games I used to have here.  For the time being, you can still find my original RPGs here.

More Recent Stuff

Clue Cards:  I put some cards up that can be used when playing Clue.  They add a few twists and a lot of fun.  Check them out at the rules page here.

LOSER! :  This game is always hilarious.  It's based on a game called Kemps.  I added a couple twists and made my own special deck.

Fairy Bucks:  We've had some fun with this one at lunch.

Vamanos:  A pretty mindless speed game that any number can play, as long as you print a deck for everyone.

If you are interested in any games you've seen here before or if you want to know about my newer games, please write.

Here's my personal information page if you're interested.

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