Repair Scheme for 1975 Hasbro GI Joes
By Mark Cole October 18, 2000
1. Explaination.
This is a pretty easy way to repair your Hasbro 75 Pat Pend Bodies and get them back into service.   I have tried to resolve the problem with a solution that is nondestructive and that can be done by anyone with "around the house" kinds of low technology.  This repair scheme fulfills both of these criteria.  I have never seen the original rubber ligaments fail in the lower part of these 75 bodies.  So, this repair will focus on the upper body.  Thank you.    Mark Cole
2. The Disclaimer
This repair isn't a forever thing, but what is?  As the decades go by, this new elastic will harden, shrink, crack and fail.  The good news is that if it does, you can restring them in about 10 minutes for another 20 years of service. 
Tools and Supplies Needed
Upgrade when ever you can and use what ever you've got.
1.  Pliers.

2.  A Pocket Knife(I will be using a little Swiss army knife)..

3.  Two clamps.

4.  Double Eye Needle-Snaking Tool(Go to Making a Double Eye Needle).  A 24" piece piece of wire is needed to make this.

5.  An 11" Strip of 1/8" flat elastic cord (available at Fabric Stores.  Black is best, but these days, is a little hard to find).
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