Excerpts from the 1991 Video Catalog
The Video Catalog was one minor crusade. I thought I could use the format to show friends and customers what everything I offered for sale looked like and as a device to also showcase the fun of GIJoe collecting.
This first, and only, issue of this catalog was dedicated to the memory of Colonel Paul Weaver.USAF.
As are these pages of excerpts.
The Video Catalog debuted in July 1991 and was discontinued by November 1991. Only 11 or 12 of these were ever shipped, but every once in a while, I hear from people have just seen it or a copy.
The Desert Storm Oufit debuted in April of 1991. It represented the Combat Uniform of the Gulf War. This outfit had a Camo Covered Kevlar Helmet and a Tunic with long sleeves with snap cuffs. It followed a Desert Shield Outfit, which came out during the winter of 1990. It featured rolled up sleeves and a cloth Boonie Hat. 12 of both were made and serialized. The Flack Jacket was a short series of 6 and came with a Boonie Hat as an upgrade to the Desert Storm Outfit.
The head on the left is a self-portrait head of and by Dave Rogers. He sent it to me during the time I was working on this series. I really like(d) it so it has been on this prototype ever since.
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