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Marilyn (MWL1367@aol.com)
It's Snowing In My Back Yard

A Poem By Sue
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The crunching of snow under our feet,
Sun rays sparkling on the snow melting from the heat.
Icicles hanging from the roof tops as long as can be,
The brilliant red cardinal high up in a tree.
Frost forming on each blade of grass,
The crossing of an ice skating lass.
Watching each snowflake, no two alike,
Take in all these sights while you are on a hike.


By Sue

I always love the first snow in sight,
Appearing so sparkly and a powdery white.
The tree branches covered in a glistening ice,
Followed with the cold holding us in its vice.
The bird's feathers all fluffed to keep in the heat,
This all paints a lovely picture that you just can't beat.


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