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Norma Jeane Bakers mother was born May 27 1902 in Mexico. She was Gladys Pearl Monroe, Norma Jeanes mothercalled Gladys Pearl Baker. She was 24 at the time of Norma Jeanes birth. Norma Jeane was Gladys' 3rd child. She had had 2 from her first marriage, having been married in 1917 at the age of just 14 to 26 year old, Jasper Newton "Jack/Jap" Baker. Her mother (Della Mae Hogan) had lied about Gladys' age and said that she was 16 but that they didn't have any proof of it as they had only recently moved to the neighbourhood. 7 months after the wedding Gladys gave birth to a son, Robert Kermit Baker, known as Jackie. Jackie Baker never met his half-sister Norma Jeane. Their second child Berniece Inez Gladys Baker was born on July 3, 1919.

Their marriage was a stormy one, her husband was very physically abusive. Gladys and JackIn 1921, The couple went on a visit to some of Jap's relatives in Kentucky. On the way there they began to argue and during the argument 3 year old Jackie fell out of the car. It seems that young Jackie was injured more than once during his parents many fights. His sister Berniece tells of another occasion when young Jackie almost lost an eye early in his life when, during an argument a glass was broken. The young child picked up a piece and almost poked his eye out with it. After Jackie had fallen from the car Jap was furious and blamed Gladys for the accident, saying that she should have been paying attention. When they reached his parents house Gladys went for a hike in the woods with Japs younger brother. By the time she returned Jap had worked himself up into a jealous and resentful fury and he beat her with a bridle until she was covered in blood and his younger brother had to pull him off her. The couple returned to Los Angeles where Gladys immediately filed for divorce. Gladys' divorce from her abusive husband was finalised in May of 1922.

Gladys was given custody but her ex.husband had visiting rights. However on one of the occasions he took the children out on a trip and abducted them. Gladys managed to track him down and got as far as his front door but she was told that her son was in hospital and the daughter was hidden from her.

Gladys did move to Louisville for a while but when she realised that she couldn't get her children back she returned to Los Angeles without them, she was as you would expect, completely devastated. Her daughter Berniece married Paris Miracle on October 7 1938 and gave birth to a daughter whom she named Mona Rae the following year. Although she was not close to her half-sister Norma Jeane, the two did meet up on several occasions and it was she who Joe Dimaggio called to help organise Marilyns funeral. Both she and Mona Rae flew out to California to help with the arrangements and the three of them picked out a dress for Marilyn to be buried in.

Marilyn's half-brother, Jackie was sadly far less fortunate. Due to the accident when he fell from the car he had a permanent limp and one leg was shorter than the other due to the cast he had been wearing since the accident. At around the same time that the cast was removed he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the bone. He was sent to a Louisville hospital. At the time it was known as the Childrenís Free Hospital, which pioneered orthopedic surgery and it eventually was renamed Kosairís Crippled Childrenís Hospital. Later while playing with a firecracker the child placed it into a glass bottle with then exploded and he lost his right eye. He was again taken to hospital and by now the infection in his bone was so severe that his kidneys had started to fail. Against the wishes of the doctors Jap removed his son from the hospital and took him home. When it became apparent that the boys kidneys were failing altogether, Jap attempted to catheterise him himself. Whether this was the cause of his death or merely added to it, Jackie died of kidney failure a short time later. He was just thirteen or fourteen years old.

The emotional cost to Gladys can scarcely be imagined and when she gave birth to Norma Jeane in 1926 she listed her first two children as dead.

Gladys' second marriage Note- I notice that the date stamped on the wedding certificate is 1982 and as we know this wasn't the date that they were married. However all of the dates on the form iteslf are correct and as Gladys died in 1982 I can only assume that the marriage certificate was filed and stamped at the time of her death when her personal effects were being sorted out.was to a Norwegian immigrant by the name of Martin Edward Mortenson.

Martin E. Mortenson

They were married in the autumn of 1924, it took place at the home of a Presbyterian minister in North Hollywood. It lasted seven months. Although Edward Mortenson was listed on Norma Jeanes Birth Certificate it seems unlikely that he could have been the father as Gladys hadn't seen him in over a year.

Charles Stanley Gifford Charles Stanley Giffordwhom she worked with at RKO Studio is the man that most people now believe to be her father. Gifford was certainly the man that Marilyn believed was her father. He was married when he began his affair with Gladys and his wife divorced him citing reasons of 'Mental Cruelty' and that he 'associated with women of loose morals'. He was listed on the birth certificate as 'Residence Unknown'. It appears that he left Gladys on New Years Eve 1925 when she told him that she was pregnant. It must have seemed to Gladys that Edward Mortenson was the ideal person to put on the as he had been her husband so it lent a little 'legitimacy' to Norma Jeane.

Della Mae HoganDella Mae Hogan with the infant Norma Jeane was Norma Jeanes maternal grandmother.Della Mae Hogan (1876-1927) was born in Brunswick County, Missouri on July 1, 1876. Her parents were Tilford and Jennie Nance Hogan. When Della was thirteen her parents divorced. Because divorce was rarity during the late Victorian Era, the Hogan's provided fodder for the town's gossipmongers. The normal emotions of a child living with her parents' divorce added to the the embarrassment of the whole scandal and being shuffled between her two parents made Della's teenage years very unhappy.

In 1899 she got married to a man named Otis Elmer Monroe. The same year he managed to get a job with the Mexican Railway but it meant that the couple had to move to Mexico. While there Della gave birth to her first child, a girl and named her Gladys Pearl. In 1903 Otis found a better job in Los Angeles still working for a Railway and they moved back to the United States. Otis drank very heavily and had always been a touch eccentric. In 1905 Della gave birth to a son who she named Marion Otis Elmer and in 1907 they moved to 2440 Boulder in Los Angeles. Della Mae Hogan

It is generally believed that Otis Elmer Monroe was insane. In fact Marilyn herself wondered if mental instability ran in the family, citing that her paternal grandfather, and her mother and grandmother had died in mental asylums. Otis, her grandfather was diagnosed with a condition known as General Paresis which is a manifestation of late and untreated Syphylis. In those days they didn't have antibiotics and so Syphilis was diffictult to treat. Therefore the 'madness' that Marilyn feared was not necessarily genetic in her grandfather at all. At the time however that condition was considered a mental illness. Not only that but some people (myself included) believe that Gladys was unfortunate enough to be pushed into depression quite understandably for the ordeals she had been through. This combined with wildly inappropriate medication and misdiagnosis turned what could have been a temporary crisis into a lifelong and debhilitating illness. I'm afraid I'm quoting the opinion of Gladys' illness from another site which explained it far better than I am doing but she was swallowed up into a system where mental healthcare was rudimentary at best and at worst brutal. That's only my opinion there are others who may disagree with this however.