10.04.02 RESULTS

This is the official homepage for NatCon 2002, which was held over easter weekend 2002 at the Woolston Club in Christchurch NZ.


Due to an abundance of registrations, the following competitions are now closed and no further entries will be accepted:

DBM 15mm
DBM 25mm
Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Warhammer 40K


Please post your registration form together with the appropriate fees and army list to the following address:

Natcon 2002 Registrar
Christchurch Wargaming Club
Wargaming Section
Woolston Club (inc.)
PO. Box 19-573

Your Army List MUST accompany your registration form.

You will be contacted by the appropriate umpire of your acceptance or otherwise. It would be unwise to turn up to the convention without getting the all clear from your umpire.

Grounds for refusal are unacceptable lists, late lists, or no registration fee! Unpainted armies or semi-painted armies are also unacceptable and may be grounds for refusal.

Six is the minimum number for a competition to go ahead. Competitions with 20 or more people will have medals awarded for first, second and third places. Competitions with under 20 but more than 9 people will have medals awarded for first and second place. Competitions with under 10 participants will have a medal for first place only.

Trade Stands are available for free, but please contact the registrar for details so we can calculate the space required.

You must supply your own terrain and tablecloths. Make sure it is all named or labelled as being yours.

All non-playing umpires will receive free registration and a free entry to the prize giving dinner.

There will be a competition gaming section, and a non-competition gaming section (see below). Please contact the registrar with your requirements if you wish to enter the non-competition section.


Convention Registration (up to 28th February) - $20.00
Late Convention Registration (1st - 20th March) - $50.00
Very Late Convention Registration (21st - 29th March) - $100.00
Don't be late in registering, it creates too many difficulties for the convention committee.

Make all cheques payable to 'Woolston Club'.


The prize giving dinner will be held in the Woolston Club restaurant at 8pm on the Sunday and will cost $25 per head. There is an onsite bar and bistro supplying breakfasts, lunches and dinners. For full details of the dinner and other food and refreshments available click here.


Friday 29th March........ 07:30am-11:30pm
Saturday 30th March.....07:30am-12:30pm
Sunday 31th March.......07:30am-12:30pm
Monday 1st April......... 10:00am-04:00pm


Friday March 29th08:30-09:00Registration and Umpires briefings. (All umpires should be present by 8:30 at the latest)
09:00-13:00First Rounds*
14:00-18:00Second Rounds
18:30-19:30NZ Wargames Federation Meeting
Saturday March 30th09:00-13:00First Rounds
14:00-18:00Second Rounds
19:30-laterDiabolical Dave's Dastardly Data Retention and Regurgitation Seminar
Sunday March 31st09:00-13:00First Rounds
14:00-18:00Second Rounds
19:30-laterPrize Giving Dinner
Monday April 1st10:00-laterCasual Gaming

* This is a general timing as some umpires may differ their rounds according to their competitions.


Clubs may enter a maximum of two teams in into the club competition. Each team must have 4 competitors in at least 3 different competitions. A trophy will be awarded to the top club.


The following competitions are currently on offer. Please click on a link below to read competition formats:

Please note that dice will be supplied by the umpire for the DBM competitions.

DBM 15mm Competition
DBM 25mm Competition
Warhammer Fantasy Battle Competition
Warhammer 40K Competition
Volley and Bayonet Competition/Events (May be available as part of the casual gaming section.)
Flames of War World War II Competition


A section of the Woolston Club will be set aside for casual gaming. A registration fee is still required for those in this area. If you wish to enter this section please contact the registrar with details of your requirements with regard to tables and space.

'Bring & Buy' tables will also be available in the Casual Gaming area.

Part of the casual gaming section will be tables set up for those wanting to play DBM 200 point games. People in the main DBM competitions may also choose to drop out on the third day, and join these smaller more relaxed games if they wish. The DBM 200 point rules can be found at:

Steel Panthers: World War 2 V5.0 Computer Wargaming Event 4 PC's will be available for this game in the casual gaming area, supplied by our sponsor "Computer Centre, 622 Colombo St. Christchurch"

Texne Taktike The Art of War - experimental ancients rules demo by Luke Ueda-Sarson.


Many thanks to our sponsors:

COMICS COMPULSION - 92 Manchester St. Christchurch (10% discount to purchases made at convention!)

COMPUTER CENTRE - 622 Colombo St. Christchurch


WILDLY INSPIRED MINIATURES P.O. BOX 13, PALMERSTON NORTH, NEW ZEALAND. (10% discount to purchases made at convention!)