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Wright Patterson Air Force Base: Underground Vaults
by Robert M. Collins

Revised: 01-14-2000

As a preamble note I wish to emphasize to the reader that this "Vault Report" is just the tip of a greater iceberg that contains truths from many sources. These include many of the dedicated UFO researchers as well as our government which is reported to have enough Sensitive Compartment Information (SCI) documentation to fill a full size Mayflower moving van from front to back, bottom to top. This of course doesn't begin to touch upon the amount of information our supposed aliens have.


After the reported Roswell recovery of aliens and their flying saucer in July of 1947 the many stories and rumors suggested that these artifacts were brought to WPAFB in Dayton, Ohio. If this was the case then the next logical question would be where? The folklore rumors state that it was Hangar 18. But, through the many years of intensive effort the only evidence we found to support such stories was a series of buildings called 18 A, B, C, etc. but no Hangar 18. The evidence does not support the idea that buildings 18 A, B, C, etc. had anything to do with our "Little Green Men" as the stories go. But, from all this investigation it appears that Hangars 4 A, B, C may have been our famous Hangar 18 and even today there are classified projects still being conducted in these hangars.

Note: On a 1954 Area B map of WPAFB Hangar 4 is identified as Hangar 4 instead of 4 A, B, C, etc. If Hangar 4 was just a holding area until they found a place to put these recovered artifacts then where did everything go? With the help of "Hi Level Sources" and "Tech Support" we believe that we may have found underground vaults (Figure 1 - 30k file) in Area B of WPAFB and it is believed that this is were the recovered artifacts went: And from all the investigation up to this point it appears that this underground vault system was quite extensive and very well kept thanks to "Black Funds" up until 1982/83 when the remaining artifacts were reportedly moved out and the vaults permanently sealed. (See Far Out magazine, Spring 1993, for an initial discussion of this vault system.) On a historical note, these vaults were already reportedly present at the time of the Roswell incident and were used to store nitrate film. Considering its potentially explosive nature, what better place than 40 feet below ground where it is naturally cool?

Directing the reader's attention to Figure 1, this figure is based on source data and overhead imagery. Between these two sources this "vault overlay" was developed. As time goes on this could change but we suspect from what we know it will do so only slightly. More details on this overhead imagery later.

By starting first with Bldg 620 (Avionics Bldg) on the south end of Area B we will work our way approximately north, then west, and then north again along this tunnel system connecting the reported underground vault system.

According to a retired AF Lt. Colonel and other sources who have worked or been in Bldg 620 have stated that one entrance to this underground vault system was down a set of stairs under the Avionics Tower. These stairs are now blocked. There were two freight-size elevators under the Avionics Tower. One was used to go to a second basement area. This "other" freight elevator was reportedly removed in the mid to late seventies. The Colonel said he was down in this area during the 1972-74 time frame. There were key inserts in this elevator; one was used for basement access. The Colonel said he used the stairs and not the elevator during this particular time.

Figure 2 (14k file) is a detailed, rough drawing of what was reportedly the north first floor entry and entrance to the underground vault system through a second basement. Figure 3 (12k file) shows a picture of this north entry on the west side of the building under the Avionics Tower with the West Auditorium off to the right. The reader will note the new construction taking place in 1995. Those walls go down about thirty feet and if the reader will notice this new basement area avoids the area were this tunnel and vault would be approximately 40 feet down. The parking lot under which this vault is located is out of view and off to the right. (See Figure 1.)

An interesting fact is that the construction team was complaining of the walls rolling on the new construction and the reason given was a poor foundation filler. But privately, they said that they suspected underground structures. Perhaps one more reason for the walls rolling in this case is when an unknown drawing or site plan surfaced for the years 1972/73 as an addition to Bldg 620. This plan was not a proposal according to CE because proposals are not kept on file. This addition sits exactly where the new addition to Bldg 620 sits today. We don't know if this 72/73 addition is well below ground or if it in fact exist at all. But then, there is a blueprint for it.

A WPAFB Civil Engineering (CE) source attempted to gain access to this blocked area in December 1992 by going through the first basement to an East Basement Vaulted Lab Area. By going through this East Basement Lab they reached the area they were looking for, but, it was blocked by 2-inch steel bars placed there for security reasons according to the Security Manager in Bldg 620. The steel bars blocked a tunnel leading approximately west-northwest back to where the double vaulted doors would have been in the reported second basement area. (See Figure 2.) It was reported that this set of double, vaulted doors led to a long hallway with a second set of double, vaulted doors to an anteroom elevator and stairs, and then a long tunnel that led to one of the main vaults under the north parking lot of Bldg 620. (See bottom Figure 2 and Ref. drawing #35-06-48, not shown.) Shown in this drawing is an unidentified extension in silhouette going away from the building on the north side just under the Avionics Tower. WPAFB CE sources stated that they had no idea what this extension meant but this "silhouette" is in the shape of a hallway going in the direction of the reported tunnels/vaults. This extension away from the building also showed up on a NASA image that was taken at the request of Wright Labs to test a new Synthetic Aperture Radar System (see below).

There is a vaulted door under the West Auditorium - behind this vaulted door there is test equipment area and access to the steam and electrical inputs to Bldg 620. But, not mentioned before and sitting at the back of this large room elevated at the first-floor level, is a vault. This vault is located in exactly the same area as the reported freight elevator used for basement access. The only access to this vault is down a utility ladder and then back up. Note: 99 % + of the people in Bldg 620 did not know that this vault existed. (See Figure 2 for steel ladder location and vault.) This utility ladder also gives access to the steam pipes and power buses for Bldg 620. These same power and steam lines were believed to supply the tunnel /vault system on this end of Area B.

Before Bldg 620 was built in the early sixties the primary reported entry at this end was through an old wooden building called 618 which has been since torn down after 620 was built. Bldg 618 appears on a 1954 Area B map and was directly in line with the reported north- south tunnel. And Bldg 618 was just a straight shot right up the road from Hangar 4. There has since been a new Bldg 618 built which is attached to the east side of Bldg 620. This new 618 is not lined up with the reported north-south tunnel.

Moving west over to Bldg 45 (Wright Lab Headquarters), (See Figures 1, 5 [14k], and 6 [13k]) the arrow points in the direction of another reported vault, not shown, within 90 to 120 feet of Bldg 45 in a southerly or northerly direction. I can't be sure at this point from data. But, here we will deviate from the previous way of reporting things and instead let a source give you a description of a visit he made to WPAFB on a rainy day in May of 1982.

We had lunch at the WPAFB Officer's Club. We then drove over to the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) now the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC) to pick-up a AF Lt. Colonel at Det 22. The Lt. Colonel and others escorted myself [sic] over to a huge red brick building (Bldg 45) in Area B of WPAFB. This building was about a half mile from the Fire Truck Wash Rack. We parked by some trees in the front of the building. We went up a set of brick stairs and through a pair of heavy doors with glass windows (front entry of Bldg 45). Then down a set of stairs into the basement and then through a set of hallways (see Bldg 45 Basement Route arrowed pathway) finally turning into the Secure Hallway where the first badge check was done, see Secure Hallway Bldg 45. We went pass a small auditorium and into a small vaulted room and then up another set of stairs into another vaulted room ( Mezzanine) and then down again using the stairs even though there was an elevator available. At the bottom we went through another check point before going through a very long tunnel about 90 to 120 feet with multiple bank-size vault doors. [Note, this tunnel system was reported to have carpeting all along its length and wide enough to drive a pick-up truck through.]

We then entered an anteroom where we were checked again. There were a lot of people working in this area. (Bob F. accompanied me on this trip). We then proceeded down the remaining tunnel which forked at a guard duty station. We forked to the left down another tunnel into a huge vaulted room estimated to be 100 X 100 feet at least. In this huge vault room I estimated there to be at least 20 vats and I couldn't be sure all the vats were in use. This huge room had vertical tanks that looked like missiles on the opposite side of the room. On the right as you entered the huge room were four to five horizontal tubes that looked like lung breathers. The vertical "missile tubes" were surrounded by what looked like cryogenic liquid [i.e., liquid Nitrogen??]. The vertical tubes extended to the ceiling approximately 10 feet high.

The source stated that this vault was very similar to the one he had been in a remote area of Washington DC. He stated that he had been to so many of this type of facility that he would get the particulars mixed-up. It seems that the Air Force builds these underground SCI facilities like they build Chow Halls because they are all the same. The source stated they opened a few of the "lung breathers" or caskets up that (I don't know whether this was at WPAFB or DC). In the first one the alien body was so badly cut-up from all the autopsy work that he got sick to his stomach. In the second casket he stated that the body was in much better shape and looked exactly like what was shown in the alien graphics which reportedly came from the Foreign Technology Division of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.(1)

Moving north we come to Bldg 450, the Flight Dynamics Lab. (See Figures 1, 4 [12k], and 7 [13k].) Not much is known about this building other than it does have a second basement. (See Figure 1 again.) There is a reported tunnel going off in the direction of Bldg 30 close to Medical Bldg 29. Near Bldgs 29 and 30 is a reported small vault that was used for VIP viewing. This VIP area was reportedly used all the way back to the Eisenhower era.

In September of 1995, an aircraft over flew Area B equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar or Long Wavelength Ground Penetrating Synthetic Aperture Radar. The wavelength is classified. The image from this scan turned-up a large number of underground structures in Area B. The first image overlay showed tunnel structures near both Bldg 620 and Bldg 450. The underground shots only went down 20 to 30 feet. The second scan went down 50 to 100 feet in April of 1996. These two images scans come in two versions: Sanitized and Unsanitized. The USAF will say there is only one version.

Finally, there is one question which has been brought up repeatedly. "Why just don't you find a way to get into those vaults and take a few pictures and there would be the evidence?" I ask the reader to think about and then think about the signs around Area 51: "Deadly Force Authorized." In the case of these reported vaults, although reportedly sealed, the mere existence of them is a threat to the security of this subject area. On October 13, 1994 a pair of AFOSI agents walked into the CE office at WPAFB and presented the CE person there with a complete transcript of our phone conversations for the last several days. The agents then told the CE person to stay away from me. And they informed the CE person that they knew me well. I hope this will give the reader an idea of just how closely the Air Force monitors security in this area even for the reportedly sealed-up vaults. Quite something for an area that "doesn't exist."

And lastly, this has been a thirteen-plus year effort dating back to 1985. This effort would not have been possible without the needed sources and technical support. I would like to dedicate this effort to the people who supported me and many of those unnamed sources in seeking the TRUTH, whatever that might be.

As more information becomes available with new projects the readers will be kept up to date.

(1) It has also been reported that most if not all of the MD's who did the alien autopsy work are being paid hush money by the Justice Department out of "Black Funds." An MD by the name of Robert T. Crowley is one example of this. Dr. Crowley was born in 1910 and is more than likely deceased. Bill Moore and I have a personal transcript of Bill's interview with Crowley back in December 1981 in which Crowley admited to getting a check from the Justice Department.


Important Note to Reader:

I just found out today (06/04/96) from my contact at WPAFB Civil Engineering (CE) , that over two weeks ago he had his Secret Clearance pulled and was forced to go on leave for two weeks. This happened about five days after I posted a prelim report (05/12/96) on the "Underground Vaults at WPAFB" with various newsgroups. I was also told that my name was being past around by a number of generals and colonels at WPAFB. The CE person was informed that his clearance was being pulled "for the good of the Air Force."

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