Descriptive Information:

    014K Alien Descriptions & Varieties
    002K Extraterrestrial Civilizations
    018K Alien Cultures
    038K Types of ETs
    010K The Various Kinds of Extraterrestrials
    014K Alien Origins
    055K Alien Encyclopedia

General Information:

    006K Ancient Cultures/ET Time line
    006K Extraterrestrial Exposure Law
    007K The Case for Humanoids
    015K Multidimensional Reality: UFO's And Aliens
    040K UFOs & EBEs
    007K Dropas Crash: 10,000 BC
    004K How Would Humans React If ET Landed?
    013K Other Intelligent Beings Exist
    025K The 'Alien Breakdown Syndrome'
    012K Review of ETs in the Solar System
    015K Disney's Legendary 'Alien Encounters' Sneak TV Documentary Quotes
    010K Gene Roddenberry And The Council of Nine
    035K ETs Interacting With Us
    005K Just Say Cheese!
    011K Do Aliens Exist?
    004K Astronaut Believes There's Life Beyond Earth
    003K Already Visited and On The Moon
    005K Former President Reagan on the "Alien Threat?
    009K The Shocking Truth


    011K Alien Presence On Earth
    010K Nature Of The Alien
    010K The Alien/UFO Phenomenon
    041K Dreamland In The Rockies
    123K The ET Global Connection
    055K The U S Government and ETs
    011K Inside the Military UFO Underground
    021K Aliens Among Us
    018K The Alien/CIA Connection
    014K The Strange Story of J-Rod, An EBE
    010K Alien Sex
    013K Blood On Mars
    094K Are "Their" Aliens Among Us?
    025K Meetings with Remarkable Aliens
    010K The Windsor-Bush Bloodline
    017K The Sirius Mystery
    041K California Contactees

Religious Connections:

    017K Author Sticks by ET Theories
    076K Angels, the Sons of God, and Their Offspring, the Nephilim
    065K The Hosts of Heaven, the Stars, and Creatures

Specific ET Species:


      011K Latest Information On The Andromedans


      011K The Arcturians


      039K The Grey's Agenda
      027K The Grey Collective
      007K Zeta Reticuli Star System
      051K Government and the Grays
      006K Profile of the Grey
      019K The Grays And Their Long Journey Home


      017K Insectoids


      021K The Beautiful Blondes and their Incredible Flying Machines
      006K The Pleiadians
      021K The Pleiadians Speak
      003K Pleiadian/Plejaran (Play-yar-en) Star System
      051K Billy Meier Interview


      003K Evadamic and Draconian Species
      011K Descriptions of Reptilian Beings off-site
      019K Where Do Reptilians Come From? off-site
      030K Chameleons In Our Midst!?
      015K Icke's Shape-Shifting Reptilians
      066K Star Warriors vs. Reptilians
      020K The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race
      018K Understanding the Hive Consciousness
      007K Mothmen, Winged Dracos, and Winged Serpents
      006K Shape-Shifting Reptilians and Their Cross-Breeds
      070K The Lacerta File I


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