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Majestic 12

Responsible For The UFO Cover-up?



    011K Majestic 12 Briefing Document
    008K Majestic 12 Operations
    008K Majestic 12 Preliminary Briefing for President Reagan
    016K MAJI
    026K MAJIC Projects
    013K MJ-12 Interrogation
    076K Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12
    018K John Lear Letter
    016K Full Text of "Executive Briefing: Project Aquarius"
    005K Incredible New MJ-12 Document!
    012K Chain of Command Under MAJI
    012K Majestic 12 - NORAD
    043K Falcon of Majestic 12 Speaks Out
    005K GAO Letter to Rep. Schiff Regarding Majestic 12 Documents
    011K MJ-12 and William Cooper
    006K Latest On New MJ-12 Documents
    013K Failed Polygraph Yields Unexpected Benefit
    013K More Top Secret Majestic UFO Documents Arrive This Summer
    006K Cooper/Woods MAJESTIC Leak Grows Into Paper Flood
    039K MJ-12 Report
    040K Research Synopsis On The Majestic Documents
    023K Psychological Warfare & The Majestic Documents
    011K Statement Regarding the Authenticity of the Majestic 12 Documents


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