Details of the Roswell Craft and Crew

"Oasis Earth Hypothesis"
by Bill McDonald

Approximately 450,000 years ago, a single species with multiple engineered subspecies organized as an intelligent hive culture, having set out from an ecologically declining world, located the early hominids on Earth and found that their DNA was compatible enough to be harvested and used in their processes of reproduction (An advanced cloning process known as replication). These aliens were from Planet IV, System II Zeta Reticuli, 37 light years from Earth. Known as the "Greys." The tall "Administrative Class," the short "Worker drones" or "Technician Class," and the "Preying Mantis"-like "Arbiters" or "Ancients"--The judges with brains like living computers that lead their hives.

They performed several subtle manipulations 450,000 to Homo erectus and then again 120,000 years ago to Homo antecessor, in order to produce homo sapiens sapiens and and even more genetically compatible Homo sapiens superior.

For the last 10,000 years or so, our planet Earth has been utilized as a strategic oasis, a place where multiple interstellar caravan routes converge--Utilized by multiple species factions (Various homogenous groups made up of one or several species and subspecies). Sol, our sun, is located in a nearly empty region of local space, consisting primarily of red dwarf stars in systems to cold and old to harbor active ecosystems and a few yellow mediums where organic and even humanoid xenomorphs might naturally evolve.

For all of recorded history, these various factions have subtly ranched the local fauna on Earth, primarily populations of Homo erectus, Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo antecessor until they achieved the engineering of Homo sapiens in a manner similar to the way in which Australian Sheep and Cattlemen ranch their semi feral herds in the outback. Major populations of humans, especially in Mexico and Brazil, exist as harvestable reproductive agricultural commodities. Human Cattle and guinea pigs to various separate competing factions of aliens. These factions operate much as did the Cattle Barons of the American Southwest in the last century. They form various alliances among themselves and with a multinational corporate conglomerate that orbits legitimate governments and they compete and sometimes skirmish with other factions and those who are not part of a diplomatic mission are shot at by the major human governments.

When the Atom bomb tests began in 1945, an interstellar smoke signal went out that the restless natives of the Earth had developed weapons of mass destruction. This resulted in the myriad of reconnaissance flights of the Southwest Deserts and nearly all nuclear military installations worldwide. All those UFO/military encounters.

Somewhere between eight and eleven UFO crashes were retrieved by the U.S., NATO, the old Soviet Union, and the Red Chinese. The first was at Roswell, New Mexico. Command and control was passed from the military to an intelligence agency and in 1969, all records, data, and artifacts were expunged from the U.S. government and all branches of the military. This was begun by then Vice President Richard M. Nixon under the direct orders of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, based on a plan created by President Harry S. Truman. Nixon completed the job within his first few months as the newly elected President. All data was transferred to the private sector for control by a special board of directors of a nameless multinational syndicate that controls all access to UFO technology and historical records of contact.

In the last years of the Twentieth Century, these factions harvest DNA, mine gold, boron, beryllium, three isotopes of oznium, manganese, magnesium, titanium, silicon, and liquid water. Some factions are like benevolent anthropologists in that they are trying to protect our human populations from ecological collapse and extinction as they know that without the Earth they are in serious trouble too. Others just harvest without regard for diplomatic protocols or any sense of decorum. The Cold War was real enough, but it masked their guerrilla conflicts here on Earth. That corporate cabal which includes at least two cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, knows that technologically and militarily, "Earth is ass to the wind over the barrel."

The technologies used to "Grow" UFOs in zero "G" vats using chain molecules as blueprints,in all shapes and sizes to include the wingforms, triangles and discs, are as complex a set of metallurgical chemistries as the organic chemistries that create organic life as we know it. Their systems function as metallic crystalline mimics of organic neurobiological patterns. Their processors mimic the functions, structures and forms of living nerve and muscle tissue down to the molecular levels. After 51 years of reverse engineering attempts, the "Biomorphic" hull forms of the top secret "Waveriders," stealth and spy plane designs and our wave propagation technologies to include lasers and microprocessors are just in their infancy. The next generation of VentureStar space shuttles mimic the old Roswell ship.

(NOTE by Bill Hamilton: 1953 contactee Orfeo Angelluci stated that saucers were grown, not manufactured, in crystal solutions, and thus are all one piece with systems internally generated within the structure of the craft)

Why all the secrecy? Very simple. To prevent global economic collapse due to the collapse of all technological, power, information processing, and aerospace industries if the world's consumers were to be informed of the clean "Biomemnetics" and "Zero-Point energy technologies that could be brought to bear. Who would want next year's Ford Taurus or Microsoft's Merced chip based computer hardware and software if you could have an AI system grown into a hairbrush or a car that not only flies but IS your best friend and life support system as well?

Everything I needed to formulate my "Oasis Earth" opinion came from military veterans who confirmed that all through the "Cold War," Clandestine conflicts and attempts at negotiation were going on with various alien factions. Secondly the proof of all of this was most easily obtained from the eleven atom bomb security guys, outside of all normal Army Air Corps chain of commands who actually handled the debris, bodies and wreckage of the Roswell spacecraft on 05-08 July 1947.

Everyone who worked on the SHOWTIME telefilm "Roswell" with me knows that I am an old fashioned "Gumshoe" private detective with an ass as hard as any of the homicide detectives that I have ever worked with at LAPD's South Bureau--The "War Zone." All of the producers of "Sightings, Encounters, Strange Universe," and "Unsolved mysteries" know that I am obsessed with strict attention to detective standards and forensic methodologies and they further know that I zealously applied those standards to the Roswell case.

This is why I was able to get the Survivors of the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), the secret agents in charge of protecting the atom bomb industry, components, and facilities in New Mexico from 1945-1948 to talk with me. It is why the single documents officer from the Wright Patterson Working Group and an associate of the late CEO of Lockheed Martin's "Skunk Works," Ben Rich spoke with me. And why four other "Skunk Works" retirees and a personal friend of Ben Rich's mentor, Kelly Johnson, spoke with me. And lastly, my interview with COL Corso that reconfirmed that Wright Patterson documents officer witness. They all spoke with me and all their stories matched well.

The first and most esteemed investigator of the Roswell case, Leonard H. Stringfield, was unable to reach his preferred colleagues during the last four days of his life and when I called, he spent those last four days sharing his data with me. He was in the last stage of lung cancer and was in horrible pain. His wife and son begged him to hang up on me but he took my calls daily, anyway. We spent up to three hours on the telephone at a time. After our last three hour conversation, he died eight and a half hour later on 18 December 1994. The information he gave me from his three Army physician informants, a hematologist, pathologist, and a flight surgeon became my baseline data which allowed me to determine that my primary CIC witnesses and COL Corso were all being truthful.

On his deathbed, another CIC agent gave a description of the Roswell ship as a "Bootheel" shape and "Batwinged" being no bigger than the Army's Piper Cub. That became the baseline for the ship.

In the Summer of 1993, I did all of the concept design sketches for the movie "Roswell" based on the old rumors and Randle and Schmitt's first book, "The UFO Crash at Roswell." They held me back from their primary military witnesses until 1994 when their second book was published and I had secured the deal with the Testor Corporation to do a model kit of the Roswell Spacecraft. I got frustrated because the movie was a DRAMA and NOT a DOCUMENTARY. The movie may me swear on my life that I would prove the whole thing a hoax or a military test rocket--Maybe one of Werner Von Braun's winged rocket concepts launched from White Sands Missile Test Range.

Details of the Boy was I wrong. The military witnesses were not only telling the truth but they were cooberating each other as well. Many had never even heard of each other. Others had not seen each other in forty-eight to fifty-one years. All were ill with various cancers and old age diseases and all had military and intel pedigrees that could not be faked.

The Roswell ship was a winged metallic crystalline multilayered aerospace craft that could slam it's way through the atmosphere riding it's own shock wave just as the top secret aerospace "Waveriders" from skunk works do. It's hull and internal configurations had been "Grown" in a zero "G" vat to mimic the structures and forms of living organic ocean animals such as the stingray. It was NOT manufactured from sub-assemblies as cars and planes on Earth. It had grown in a liquid metal vat following a chain molecule as a blueprint. It's wings morphed out from it's porpoise-like fuselage and it's two vertical stabilizers resembled the dorsal fins of either a Dall's Porpoise or a Porbeagle Shark. neither the wings nor the stabs had rudders, flaps, ailerons or any other mechanical parts. Instead they had morphable camber with layers of contractible metals mimicking the layers of muscles in the wings of birds. To see more, check out the Testor model kit of the Roswell UFO or any of my drawings in my gallery at

Her engine was her outer hull. Her power plant was a tiny bell dome internal antimatter reactor. Her belly was covered with a grid of power cells that accessed and amplified EM waves surrounding an planetary body and zero-point energy out in space. In an atmosphere, electromagnetic waves and waves of ionized free electrons traveled from the nose and forward leading wing edges to the nubby tail pipe and trailing wing extensions slipping it through an air mass as a wet pumpkin seed slips through your fingers. Make no mistake, this was cambered aerodynamic lift.

Inside, the aliens were artificially bred to exist in an artificially sterile fluid life support environment. This fluid was also the craft's aerodynamic ballast. They had vestigial body parts including the remnants of genitalia and mammary glands with nipples showing that they had been sourced from ancient humanoid mammals, but their skin looked like the tiny granular scales of baby albino Hawaiian Geckos. While their eyes looked exactly like the eyes of Asian human children from somewhere like mongolia or the Philippines, their skin absorbed oxygen, clean water and nutrients much the same way as Antarctic ice fish and various species of fully aquatic frogs giving them a completely amphibious living modality like most newts and tadpoles.

The deck antiskid flooring materials turned out to function like an advanced filtration system in a salt water aquarium, or the tiny tubule packing inside a kidney dialysis bag.

Their ship could dive into the ocean and fly out again just like the "Flying Sub" from Irwin Allen's old TV series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." The fluid interior made the ship neutrally buoyant in sea water. Because it's two sensor array tiers were in the upper nose cone area only, allowing hemispherical views only and because it's trailing wing edges and tail pipe were canted upwards at three and a half degrees, I developed the hypothesis that it scanned the ground flying slowly for protracted periods by flying upside down which would have no effects of vertigo on an aquatic crew. The intense glow of the belly grid would be invisible from the ground in that flight mode.

Further, while the flight crew was organic carbon based beings reminiscent of a human/amphibian chimera, and the ship was all metal and crystalline, they both interfaced directly, physically through the padding tendrils of their seats and the fingertip depressions on the consoles. Indeed on alien's entire rear crown portion of his head was embedded in a metallic cervix-like niche in the very rear of the crew cabin where his crash couch cocooned him. These beings at their seven crew stations (Please note only five cadavers were recovered) probably interfaced with the ship's artificially Intelligent (AI) crystalline cortex to become multiple brain nodes fused to the mission program of this tiny reconnaissance spacecraft.

If you web surfers want more from me on my research results from my multi-witness forensic composites, you'll have to contact me for a copy of the rough draft my agent is trying to sell to the major New York publishing houses. All this information is carefully documented and cross composited. The witnesses are beyond any questioning of their pedigrees. I have not seen a UFO and my wife and I can neither confirm or deny the existence of the Roswell ship and her vivisected flight crew.

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