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The Villains of Marvel Comics!

Let's face it; although heroes are okay, they wouldn't have a lot to do without super-villains to kick around every now and again. But do the good guys appreciate this job security? No! They constantly hassle the poor villains, putting them in jails or asylums, or confining them to a single nation when what they need is the world. It's about time the bad guys had the last word...

Disclaimer: All characters used on these pages are the property of Marvel Comics. Used without permission.

Marvel villains have committed crimes since 8/03/96!

This site was finished, more or less, in 1998. No updates to existing bios will be made. The rec.arts.marvel.universe crowd informs me that no one cares about the history of Marvel characters, anyway, so even keeping this site on line is a waste of time. (Looks at counter). Gosh, somebody's been wasting a lot of time here! Too bad it isn't the suits who run Marvel, eh? ;-)