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original line-up: Matt Moffitt (vocals, guitar), Glen White (bass), John Prior (drums)


Sydney band Matt Finish played a melodic brand of guitar-based pub-rock that garnered critical acclaim and a wide fan base. Frontman
Matt Moffitt was hailed as a fine songwriter of considerable insight and potential. Initially Matt Finish spent a year on the Australian pub circuit, establishing a solid reputation as a band to watch, before signing with producer Peter Dawkins' Giant label.

Jeff Clayton replaced original bass player Glen White, but then had to leave the band due to illness. In early 1980, Rick Grossman (bass; ex-Bleeding Hearts, Parachute, Eric Gradman: Man & Machine) came in as Clayton's replacement. Once Clayton had recovered his health, he rejoined on rhythm guitar during May and the band began touring to a positive response. Giant issued the band's debut single, Matt Finish Play Africa (`Mancini Shuffle'/`CIA') in November 1980. The band's excellent debut album, Short Note (March 1981), and second single, `Short Note'/`Layman's Day' (February), reached #33 and #18 respectively on the national charts. Matt Finish toured constantly throughout 1981 and issued the five-track EP Fade Away in October 1981. Unfortunately, Moffitt succumbed to ill-health and the band split up at the end of the year. Grossman joined Divinyls while Moffitt spent a year recuperating and writing new material. Moffitt relaunched Matt Finish in May 1983 with the three-piece line-up of himself, Prior and Clayton (back on bass), before adding newcomer Bert Dorset on rhythm guitar at the end of the year.

The band immediately resumed touring and issued two 12-inch EPs, `Out of These Moments'/ `High Times for the Poor', `Blind and Running' (October 1983) and
Matt Finish (November). The album Word of Mouth (May 1984) confirmed that Matt Finish had lost none of its original spark. It produced three impressive singles, `Always Another'/`Forecast' (March), `Words and Wars'/`Still Roads' (June) and `Come on Over'/`Light Up My Days' (September). Dorset left the band in late July while on tour. Matt Finish continued touring as a three-piece until 1985, after which Moffitt split the band to launch his solo career. Moffitt recorded his debut solo album, As Little as a Look, in Brussels, Belgium during March 1985. It produced the singles `Miss This Tonight'/`Save Your Worry' (#17 in June 1986) and `All that Stuff'/`Fever Pitch' (August). Moffitt's backing band for the sessions included Englishman Pete Glenister (guitar), Nicky Graham (bass, keyboards) and John Prior (drums).

Moffitt's touring band in support of the album's release was Glenister, Graham, Prior and
Rob Fisher (keyboards). By the end of the 1980s, Moffitt was touring overseas with a band called The Blue Max and began writing songs with members of Keith Richards' X-Pensive Winos. In April 1992, Moffitt issued the limited edition acoustic CD EP Euroka. He then re-formed Matt Finish with stalwart member Prior plus Jennifer Barrett (guitar, vocals; ex- Blue Max), Guy Le Claire (guitar; ex-Eurogliders, Ian Moss Band, Guy Le Claire Band) and Lindsay Jehan (bass; ex-Eurogliders) and recommenced touring. `One Day at a Time' (June 1992) was the first Matt Finish single for eight years. By 1993 the line-up comprised Moffitt, Paul Dawkins (keyboards), Rohan Cannon (guitar), Bobby Christian (bass) and Adrian Cannon (drums). By Heart (September 1993) was only the band's third album in a career that spanned 15 years. It yielded the CD EP `Earthbound' (July) plus the CD singles `Blue' (September) and `Will I Ever Know?' (May 1994).

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