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here's the page for the brand spanking new CD, Just A Short Note. for what it's worth, here's a review of the launch...

don't forget that you can order the cd at the official website - www.mattfinish.com

if you have something that isn't here, please email me so I can add it! thanks to Paul Dawkins, Martin, Mario and Mark for filling in a few gaps. if you have the discography of any other members of Matt Finish, again - email me...

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updated 14th december 2001


Short Note                                      1981

LP              GIANT  01
CAS           GIANT  01C
CD             GIANT  465510 2

Word of Mouth                               1984

LP              CBS  SBP 237999
CAS           CBS  PC 7999

By Heart                                         1993

CD              BMG  74321158022

Just A Short Note                         2001



Fade Away                                     1981

EP              GIANT  EP01
EP              CBS BG 12001

Matt Finish (self titled)                  1983

EP              CBS  BA 12056

Earthbound                                    1993

cd ep         BMG 74321177242
CAS            BMG  74321177244


Matt Finish Play Africa (c.i.a.)      1980

single        GIANT  007

Short Note                                      1981

single        GIANT  009

Always Another                             1984

single         CBS  BA 223182

Words and Wars                            1984

single         CBS  BA 223216

Come on Over                               1984

no details

One Day at a Time                        1992

CDS             MUSHROOM/Truetone  D11126

Blue                                                1993

CDS             BMG  74321154742

Will I Ever Know                           1994

CDS             BMG  74321201762