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where I'm hoping you can help. do you have any newspaper clippings to scan in? doesn't matter how old. if there's a date and/or the publication it was in, even better. many thanks to Mark P for getting the ball rolling. there's been a few other people who mentioned press clippings (and live photos) - email me and send them in!

setlists would also be cool. I've started here with a couple of Fire Hand setlists - I have more, but foolishly didn't date them...

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last updated 15 december 2001
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gig listings
25th july 1984
short note article (biggish file here)
17th november 1984
tour ad for 'word of mouth' 1984
ad for 'come on over' single 1984 word of mouth article (biggish file here too)

october 2000 - Iguana Cafe, Kings Cross

13th december 2000 - Exchange Hotel, Darlinghurst

12th december 2001 - Iguana Cafe, King's Cross
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