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Welcome! The Jackass Club was founded when a group of friends met up one day and discussed the feasibility of running pedal powered Taxis to help the people of Mapperley Plains, an area near Nottingham next to Mapperley. These are areas which are often mixed up! The plans to introduce pedal powered Taxis were later shelved because of possible insurance difficulties and the fact that most people would probably want to travel outside Mapperley Plains. Later on, it was decided to set up a bar selling non alcoholic Drinks and Snacks called the Jackass Arms. At first this will be on a Plastic Table, but we hope to build a wooden bar (this is situated in Woodthorpe). Another possibility is to introduce shopping deliveries using pedal powered cars. This service would deliver Shopping from Mapperley Plains Budgens to the people of Mapperley Plains. There is still a good deal of work to do on this project however. Do not forget of course, that as well as providing a fun way of offering public services, our club is also an excellent place to make new friends, and meet up with current ones.
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