MR Forgive the vintage-1996 style of this site.  Over the years, I've updated content but not the style.


Vignette vignettes
Joining a crew of 75 others, I joined Vignette in April 1998 as a Senior Systems Engineer in the West.  Flying to Austin for a sales meeting, BBQ and beer, the rest became big history.  Trades under VIGN

Netscape Odyssey
Before the Vignette rocket sled, I had an exciting time at Netscape Communications as a Systems Engineer.  For a glimpse, read this piece from FastCompany or browse the alumni pages on .  Traded on the NASDAQ under NSCP before a faceless corporation dismantled it for parts

LASIK experience
My refractive surgeies started in 1998.

Autobiography in 10 seconds:


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