In a way I sometimes feel fake living this life now when my mates are still back home, working hard to do well for themselves.  I've had to grow up fast, and it's been weird having to establish my priorities so early in life...In a way I feel like I've escaped where I was, but at the same time I know that I never want to leave behind my working class roots.  It's just that I always knew I had something to do with me life.  I still think I've got something to prove, and something to do.  I'm not sure what that is yet, but I know I'm on the right path.

Dave Grohl
He started off as the drummer in Nirvava, and now he's just a total legend.  He's such a great performer, too - without knowing it he's taught me a lot about what it means to be on stage, and how to be a performer.

The lead singer in Madness - a really funny, warm, talented bloke.  I'd love to sit down in a pub with him and let him tell me his stories;  he's been in the music industry for years, but never seems jaded or bored by music.

My dad
Every single piece of advice, and everything he's ever said to me, has been right on the money.  He's a clever guy.

1.  The Streets
Original Pirate Material

Hearing Mike Skinner talking about his life is like he's talking about every Friday night of my life - coming out of a club, getting into a fight in a kebab shop... I was involved in that sort of thing but I never enjoyed it., and I don't think he did either.  He's a poet.

2.  Blink-182
Enema Of The State

The first album that really attracted me to the whole scene of being in a band for a living.  I love songs like 'Adam's Song' - tunes that show Blink-182 are capable of more than cheeky chappy pop anthems.

3.  Foo Fighters
The Colour And The Shape

I didn't even know this album was out when I saw it in the shop-when I got it home and 'Monkey Wrench' came on I just ran round and round my room for ages.


By his dad, Kevin

'I've started having to buy Smash Hits and Sneak to catch up with what Matt's up to!  I get some funny looks in the newsagent but I'm proud to say that he's my son.  I talk about him to my mates all the time - my head swells every time I mention him, and I'm always getting autographs for my mates, and their families, and all sorts.  My fondest memories of Matt are when we used to go on holiday together and even then I I remember him always loving being on stage, but he also loved coming out to play football with me, too.  He had loads of energy and still does!  His older brother's band are doing well too, now - I'm really proud of both of them.  Maybe I'll be able to retire soon; I'm not getting any younger! Ha ha ha!'