Account Info[ edit ]
Name: Matt Wilson
Network: Fairmont WV '07

Last Update: August 4, 2006

Basic Info[ edit ]
Sex: Male
Birthday: February 10, 1984
Hometown: Fairmont WV

Contact Info[ edit ]
AIM Screenname: mattyg1306

Personal Info[ edit ]
Activities: I am a member of Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association (MSR&LHA) and a former member of FSU Bands. I worked at Valley Worlds of Fun from May 2003-May 2004, Alcan from May-August 2004, Alcan/Novelis again from May-August 2005, and Novelis from May 22-August 11, 2006.
Interests: Television, Television Production, Music, Railroading/Model Railroading
Favorite Music: BJ Thomas (As Long As We Got Each Other [Growing Pains theme], Hooked on a Feeling, Rock and Roll Lullaby, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head), Edgar Winters Group (Free Ride, Frankenstein), Mike and the Mechanics (All I Need Is A Miracle), Billy Joel (The Longest Time), Four Seasons(December of 1963 [Oh, What a Night]), Gavin DeGraw (Chariot, I Don't Wanna Be, Follow Through), Five for Fighting (Superman, 100 Years), Rockapella, Remy Zero (Save Me), Butterfly Boucher (Life is Short), Keane (Bedshaped), Nada Surf (Always Love), Michael Tolcher (Sooner or Later, Mission Responsible), John Denver, and anything ever heard on The Wonder Years
Favorite TV Shows: The Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Boy Meets World, The Days, Smallville, Everwood, Supernatural, Malcolm in the Middle, Candid Camera, I Love Lucy, Whose Line is it Anyway?, That's My Bush!, The Apprentice, and many, MANY others...
Favorite Books: On Beyond Leatherbark: The Cass Saga
Favorite Quotes: "Growing Up Happens in a Heartbeat. One Day You're In Diapers, the next day you're gone...but the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a a lot of houses. A yard like a lot of other yards, on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these YEARS, I still look back...with WONDER."
--from the final episode of "The Wonder Years"
About Me: I am PROUD to have never smoked, never drank (except for a toast once at a wedding), and to have never done any drugs. **At all costs, I do my best to avoid any and all situations where alcohol and drugs are present.**

I am a "one on one" type of person--I am not a party person and am not interested in being part of any large groups--except for bands (sorry if that offends anyone), but I love to talk to individuals.

***Just for the record, I've actually been a member since October 28, '05--for some reason the dates reset (?) at the beginning of February!***

This Past Spring marked my 10th Anniversary season as a Saxophone player/band member! I can't believe its been that long--it seems like only yesterday...! It has been a great run...THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

My current "main photo" was taken the evening of Saturday, June 3, 2006 at Seneca Rocks, WV. (12)

The COURSES listed below are on my *tentative* schedule for FALL 2006. Some changes are pending...

Education Info[ edit ]
College: Fairmont WV
Theatre, Music

High School: East Fairmont High School '02

Work Info[ edit ]
Company: Novelis Corporation (formerly ALCAN)
Position: Slitting Department Helper
Time Period: May 2006 Present
Location: Fairmont, WV
Description: My third and final summer season of Tailing and cutting aluminum (see picture below), packing aluminum (breathing aluminum!), sweeping and cleaning up, making BIG bucks, etc....your typical blue collar factory work! My Last Day EVER at this job will be Sunday, August 6, 2006! ***UPDATE: OR maybe not...I've decided to stay an additional five days until Friday 8/12,...and there's talks of a possible fourth year in 2007!

Summer Break Plansedit
Activity: Family Vacation
Location: Southern West Virginia: Mid-August 2006
Description: I am finally getting a much needed breather/stress reliever from life in Fairmont (maybe I'll get some of that tension off of my shoulders--literally!)...just call this my post-Novelis/pre-back to FSU trip. Rather than go to one of the piping hot, overly-populated beachfronts that the East Coast has to offer, my family and I plan to explore the beautiful New River Gorge region (which we have only seen in passing through to other places!) of our home state, including a week-long stay at beautiful (and semi-secluded) Twin Falls Resort State Park, and day trips (hopefully) to Babcock, Hawk's Nest, the State Fair, the Theatre West Virginia plays at Grandview ("Honey in the Rock", "Hatfields and McCoys", etc.) and many other natural and historical landmarks the region has to offer!
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