4.2.2  Government

Plejaren "government" - High Council                    61.169-171

                The Plejaren government does not keep an administration.  They only have a High Council that provides high advice and never a command or order.


Plejaren are connected to an alliance of planets        23.104-108

                The Plejaren are allied in a confederation that reaches far into the cosmos.  Within this alliance, there are about 127 million solar systems inhabited by human forms of life.  There are also innumerable other intelligent races that are not human species which are unknown to the Plejarens or those that they simply do not stay in contact with.  Unfortunately, the Plejaren are not permitted to reveal publicly, the number of human and non-human forms of life inhabit this solar system.  Nor can they disclose the planets that they inhabit.


Plejaren planets - each planet has only 1 nation        35.P754-759

                The Plejaren worlds are not separated into different states or nations as they as is the case on Earth.  Each world has one single world government, which functions as an executive institution.  They are all subordinate to the High Council.  The High Council is the essential government of all of their worlds and is the center of government.  The council is not on their home world, but on a very special planet within the solar system of the central star for their races.


High Council - the essential government over all        35.P760-790

                The High Council consists of half-spiritual and half-physical beings that are cross-dimensional.  They are human forms of life with enormous wisdom and knowledge that are in a state of transition.  In their evolution, they have progressed so far that they release themselves from their material bodies and are semi-spiritual entities.  They are the only human forms of life that are able to communicate with higher pure-spiritual forms.  The oscillations of the spiritual spheres are much higher that physical humans can generate.  Human beings are only able to make contact with creatures with the same grade of oscillations and initiate communications.  This means that Earth humans can only come into contact with those of about the same position in evolution.  It is a safety measure in Creational law in which no form of life is able to tap into more knowledge than is allowed according to their state of evolution.  The Plejaren worlds are all subordinate to the central government, which is formed by the semi-spiritual High Council.  The planetary governments are only executive organs operating on the advice of the High Council.  The government of the High Council is based upon natural Creational law.  All events and all regulation is only based on natural law, which every single form of life is regulated.  Every decision of the High Council accords to the form of life affected.  They are based on the premise that every single creature has a position in evolution and their differences cannot be excluded.  Their teachers in spiritual evolution, endeavor to study the spiritual development of every single creature.


Petale, Arahat Athersata & High Council                 39.P19-20

                The essential spiritual lessons will not be transmitted to Meier from the Plejarens, but from a very high spiritual sphere, which can only be communicated with through the High Council or by Arahat Athersata.  This is the sphere of Petale, which transmitted the Twelve Commandments to Meier.

High Council duties                                     41.93-94

                The education of Plejaren children is an obligation of the parents, but there is also control by the High Council, which also settles regulations, teachings, order, etc., and determines their righteousness.  The High Council also contracts all marriages, which is why they do not know of divorce.