Penumbren's Stories

"Tearing Down the Walls"
A series wherein things are discovered, old hurts dealt with, and new loves found.

* Lion's Pride *
Surprises are in store for two rivals after Wrestlemania XIX.
Quote: Iíve fucking been in love with Shawn Michaels for years. And I threw away any chance I mightíve ever had tonight with my big fucking mouth.

* Morning After *
Shawn can't believe it's real...
Quote: I thought... I thought it was a dream. Not real...

* Home *
CJ's first view of Shawn's home. (A drabble, clocking in at exactly 100 words.)
Quote: Shawn found himself holding his breath as Chris slowly turned his head, taking in the desert expanse in front of them.

* Hammers & Handcuffs *
Kevin's return makes Hunter happy, but events that night bring up bad memories for Shawn.
Quote: "Something wrong? What could possibly be wrong about Shawn being handcuffed and completely helpless?"

* Heartbreaker *
Chris's insecurity leads to some unsettling revelations for him and his lover.
Quote: "Explained what, Kev? That he still loved you, but wanted to fuck other people? That he loved other people? That he expected you to be okay with that?"

* Nocturnal Admissions *
Chris has an admission of his own.
Quote: "You're... you're not the only person with bad memories, Shawn."

* Taking It Slow: Moving Lessons *
The boys play in public and Chris gets some lessons in sharing.
Quote: "Damn, Shawn. That's like an inducement to commit a felony, right here in the parking lot."

* Taking It Slow: Backstage Lessons *
The boys play backstage, Hunter gets a reminder, and Chris learns how not to blush.
Quote: "Ya gotta learn how not to blush sometime, baby. Now'd probably be a good time to start."

* Brat *
Hunter learns a lesson.
Quote: "As you were once known to say, baby... Suck it."

* Taking It Slow: Public Lessons *
The boys get naughty in public and Chris and Hunter learn some patience.
Quote: "You're just a slut, Chrissy. And I take what I want from sluts."

* Taking It Slow: Private Lessons * Coming Soon!
The boys get naughty in private and all those lessons finally pay off.

"Mistakes of the Past"
Can a friend help break down the wall built by years of missed opportunities?

* The Hermit *
Hunter reflects on his mistakes.
Quote: "Ya been smokin' somethin' an' not sharin', Trips? Since when do ya care about Shawn?"

* The Hanged Man *
Shawn thinks over his own mistakes.
Quote: But Hunter hadn't said a word, just held him. And Shawn fell even deeper in love with him for it.

* The Hierophant *
A friend takes action.
Quote: "Then quit tearing the man's heart out every night and tell him how long he's had yours!"

* Strength *
Will the wall finally crumble?
Quote: "Why now, Hunt? What do you want from me? Why can't you just leave me alone?"


* Always Here *
A blizzard brings Mark another type of storm.
Quote: "Just... talk. About anything. What do you do for fun? Who do you hang out with? Are you seein' anybody?"

* Breaking the Rules *
Quote: "I kissed you because I fucking wanted to, okay, Hunt?"

* Don't Thank Me *
Someone feels torn after a match, but will the fantasy become reality?
Quote: "Nobody else ever cared if it was just one night. Nobody else ever wanted anything else!"

* Every Bone In Your Body *
Hunter proves to Benoit that he's not untouchable.
Quote: "I can't what, Benoit? Do this?"

* Game of Dominance *
An unexpected encounter leads to surprising revelations.
Quote: "You know why you're here. I know why you're here. You want a fuck. I want a fuck.... no. I want to fuck you."

* Heartbreak *
The original version of Heartbreaker, before Kevin and all the angst make their appearances.
I've been convinced that this should be posted, although it's technically a) a draft, and b) unfinished. Here y'all go.
Quote: "Hey, hey, is that any way for the King of the World to act? Have a little confidence."

* A Momentary Chill *
A momentary encounter brings a chill.
Quote: "Years ago, he'd have been willing to follow up on the promise inherent in those dark eyes, but now..."

* Moments *
A quiet moment.
Quote: "You were an arrogant jerk... but too damned attractive to ignore."

* Oh Hell Yeah *
Shawn and Austin share a moment.
Quote: I'd failed him when he needed me most... not for the first time.

* Someday * NEW!
A cowboy hat and a second chance.
Quote: Hunter always tried to be honest with himself, and only rarely failed in the attempt.

* Sunset * NEW!
Sometimes the most important moments are the unexpected ones.
Quote: "Papi, only you could be self-conscious right now. And I love you for it."

* Triple Threat *
After Backlash 2004, Benoit discovers that there's more than one kind of triple threat.
Quote: "You don't get to make demands, Chris. Not tonight....Tonight, we get to play with you."

* Missing You *
A reunion. (Not quite a sequel to Triple Threat, but another 100-word drabble.)
Quote: "I know, but it's been... months. What ifĖ"

Labyrinth-ish Fanfic

Yes, I have written some, although not for a long time, and only the Labyrinth fic was ever posted anywhere, albeit under a different name. This section will undoubtedly grow, but probably slowly.
Warning: These are mostly about original characters, although set in the Labyrinth universe.

* A Debt Owed *
Jareth's half-brother is happy that his long-time friend has returned home, but is there more to it than that?
Quote: "I find that the more you are gone, the more I think of you, till I can think of nothing else. You entice me with your presence, then torment me with your absence."

Star Wars Stories

All both of them. *g* Written some five or six years ago, shortly after Episode I: The Phantom Menace (and doesn't that just sound like a ridiculously bad children's show?... hey, not too far from the truth!) came out. These were never posted anywhere because I was cowardly. :)

* Comfort *
Obi-Wan regrets the choice that he made.
Quote: "Not injured in the body, but perhaps injured a bit in the heart?"

* Hang On To Yourself *
Obi tries to help Qui-Gon deal with a tragedy.
Quote: Qui-Gon... please, please, just let me help you tonight, just this once...

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