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     n alkaline body is a healthy body. Unfortunately, North Americans seem to love to eat more of the foods that cause our bodies to become acidic. This results in the body having to work overtime to correct this un-natural state, thus leaving the body much more prone to allergies, sensitivities, viruses, infections, and diseases. A major break-through occurred when it was discovered that cancer cells, exposed to an alkaline environment died within a few hours! However, it is very tragic that our mainstream medical community is either, not aware of this information, or else chooses not to recognize it. In any case, tens of thousands of needless deaths happen every year because of lack of knowledge, in general, or perhaps, as a result of deliberate coverups. (Definitely, food for thought.) For those who are interested in preventing, and possibly even reversing, the ravages of disease, follow the "Recipe For Good Health" (click on "Optimum Health"). Make sure you consult a naturopathic or holistic doctor to identify any current or potential health problems, medical conditions, or reactions with medications.
Alkaline Versus Acid
Milk Facts
Alkaline ~ Forming Foods
Acid ~ Forming Foods
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Sugar Facts
Optimum Health
Sugar Facts
Milk Facts
Most fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming in the body, with a few exceptions. All the foods listed below can, and should, be eaten freely, barring allergies. The list shows foods in order of the highest alkaline-forming, starting at the top:     

Sea Plants (dulse, nori, kombu, wakame)   Raw Vegetables, except tomatoes, green and wax beans, spinach, carrots, corn, green peas, snow peas, chard     Raw Fruits & Berries, except cranberries, pomegranate, plums, persimmons, guava, rhubarb, dried and pickled fruit   Herbs, Spices & Seasonings, except nutmeg, vanilla, curry     Sea Salt     Lentils     Baking Soda     Grain Beverages     Mineral Water   Blackstrap Molasses    Tofu    Poppy Seeds    Sprouts    Almonds    Apple Cider   Cod Liver Oil     Evening Primrose Oil     Sesame Seed Oil     Brown Rice Syrup      Green, Ginger & Mu Teas    Flax Oil     Fungi    Avocado Oil     Coconut Oil    Olive Oil Oats   Quinoa   Unsulphured Currents & Raisins   Wild Rice   Umeboshi Vinegar    Human Milk
Although the acid-forming foods are less desirable than the alkaline-forming foods, some are still very healthy. The lowest acid-forming foods could be eaten more freely, but the higher ones should be eaten only occasionally, or not at all. Anyone battling cancer should most definitely refrain from eating all acid-forming foods as much as possible. We should all try to eliminate those in the top two thirds of the following list:

Medications, Drugs, & Chemical Additives
, especially antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, & psychotrophic drugs    Red Meats (beef, pork, lamb)     Sugar     Milk & Dairy Products    Fried Foods    Hydrogenated Oils    Alcohol    Malt    Vinegars Cocoa   Cottonseed Products    Artificial Sweeteners   Poultry   Shellfish    Yeast Peanuts    Caffeine (regular tea & coffee)    Eggs     Fish    Carob    Gelatin    Wild Duck    Venison    Honey     Maple Syrup     Most Dried Fruits     Most Legumes Most Grains       Most Nuts & Seeds, including oils       Natural Yogurt
    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health care practitioner. 
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