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The W108/W109 Workshop/Garage

General "Do It Yourself" Information hunting

Mercedes Mailing List Archive Search
Search the Mercedes Mailing List Archives. This link will search the archives with the keyword "W108", but of course you can be murch more speciffic in your search once you are there.

Roy Fields Mercedes Technical Chat
If you are having trouble with your car (as if a Mercedes ever fail), you might try to ask the staff at Roy Fields for help. They are giving tips to people without any charge.

The Mercedes-Shop Forum
People sharing technical tips and more...

Spare parts - Restoration

DB Depot W108/W109 Catalogue (former A.I Motors)
You can download their W108/W109 Catalogue and order almost anything you need; body, engine, steering and all. It's a set of HTML files and pictures with explode view of the parts. The parts sure are expencive, but they available if you have the money. It's a must for any restoration project. For the W108/W109 Catalogue; select "Produkte" in the top menu and then select "Ersatzteile für W108/109 / Baujahre 1965-1972" in the combobox.

Niemöller spare-parts
You can buy the Miemöller spare-part Catalogue for the W108/W109 at this site. I don't know their prices since I have a copy of the Catalogue. They also have Catalogues for other MB models.

World Upholstery & Trim for the W108/W109
Here you can buy a "do it yourself" upholstery kits from World Upholstry & Trim. They are available in the original MB Tex., vinyl or leather and the kits exactly duplicte the original upholstery.

Veng spare-parts
Veng is selling some metal sheets for W108/W109 body restoration. Nothing much, but might be of use. Anyway it's cheap.

W108/W109 Chrome Wheel-Arcs
These guy's have Chrome wheel-arcs for many MB models and one of them being the W108 & W109. It's nothing you seriously need, but they definitly look better with those.

Adsid Company On-Line Catalog (USA)
New, Used and Rebuilt Parts & Accessories for Mercedes-Benz Automobiles Only (including W108/W109).

Simone und Michael Mercedes Esersatzteile (German)
Simone and Michael offer used spare parts for the W108/W109 at fair prices.