Completely Unsolicited*

(*note: Term *unsolicited* is not in any way, shape, or form
intended to suggest that these testimonials were not, in fact, solicited)

Maybe Amanda, president of MulderClonesRUs, client:

He does the laundry. He does the shopping. He fixes the car when it starts making that *woomp-flump-flump* noise again. He cooks fabulous gourmet meals and constantly complains that I am so breathtakingly beautiful that he can't concentrate. And as for those upgrade features? Oh my.

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

MulderClone #5 - Ultimate Package, seen brooding

Euphrosyne legal counsel, First Church of Mulder:

I'm the proud owner of MulderClone #4 and what a MulderClone he is! Tidy, well-behaved, easy to get along with, great with the laundry, wonderful to look at and oh! the talents! My whites are whiter than white, my dishes sparkle, and I've got a permanent exhausted smile! I've sent all my friends to MulderClonesRUs, and do not hesitate in the least to recommend their fast, affordable, oh-so-friendly sevices!!!

MulderClone #4 - Super Deluxe Package

Foxsong, Woman of Discriminating Tastes:

I must say - my MulderClone *is* all he's cracked up to be. By the time I came home from work the apartment was neat, the cats were fed, and dinner was on.

And he's so... *affectionate.*

Oh so affectionate!

Tesla, Author, Wit, Mistress of the Dark Lord, and Such

Oh, my. Words can't describe what a *satisfied* customer I am. He makes great mixed drinks, he picks up dry cleaning, builds patio furniture, and keeps the neighborhood clear of those pesky one-arm Consortium operatives. I make him ice cream cones just so I can watch him lick them. I recommend your---service---to all my friends!

All the extras!

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