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   AlfaLinux is a port of the Linux operating system to Compaq (was Digital)'s Alpha CPU.

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   Our ALT Linux Russian mirror comprises three large archives:

  1. Sisyphus is the largest Russian Linux package repository, including the latest versions of most popular packages.
  2. Castle is one of few distributions to include RSBAC support.
  3. Master includes TCB support.

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   Arch Linux
   Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution based on ideas from CRUX. It is lightweight and contains the latest stable versions of software. Packages are in .tar.gz format and are tracked by a package manager that is designed to allow easy package upgrades. Arch is quite streamlined compared to some other distributions. A default Arch install leaves you with a solid base; from there, you can add packages to create the custom installation you're looking for. Distribution homepage

   Ark Linux is a Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use, primarily for people without prior Linux experience. Its main goal is ease of use, and the inclusion of many tools end users will need.
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   The Armed Linux product is a full Linux operating system distribution that has been customized to install on top of versions of Microsoft Windows or any version of DOS. Armed Linux is meant for first time users and people who need Linux as a secondary operating system Distribution homepage

   ASPlinux is RedHat based and offers Asian and European language support, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and others, both in the command line mode and within the framework of the Xwindow system. ASPLinux supports the standards of open systems and Internet protocols, and can be installed with MS DOS, Windows95/98/NT, and Unix variations. Distribution homepage

   BasicLinux is a multipurpose mini-Linux that boots from HD, FD or CD-ROM. The 2mb package provides the usual rescue/repair tools, but it can also dial an ISP and browse the net, or act as a router/firewall. BasicLinux uses a newbie-friendly shell and editor, and it would make a good introductory Linux for a DOS dinosaur. Distribution homepage

   Beehive Linux was created to provide a fast, simple, secure i686 optimized Linux distribution without all the cruft and clutter. The objectives of Beehive Linux are security, stability, speed, and simplicity. Distribution homepage

   Russian/Ukrainian language distribution; a universal distribution good for both Internet/Intranet server and a workstation or a home multimedia system. Distribution homepage

   Blue Linux is a free operating system comprised of programs which are specialized for use in the educational field. Distribution homepage

   A client-only use version of Linux, using gcc and gforth; installs on x86 PC's and PS/2's with a 386 or better and 4 meg of RAM. Hardrive space required varies by install method, but 40 meg is probably the minimum. There are also cLIeNUX utility-floppy images.
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   OpenLinux is a Linux distribution targeted chiefly at a business audience. Open Linux includes a linux installation, the K Desktop Environment, a limited version of Partition Magic, and office/internet/content creation tools.
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   Languages: Portugese, Spanish (English is in development) A Brazilian Linux distribution aimed at beginning users and made specifically for Latin America. Connectiva comes in both an e-server or desktop configuration.
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   Coyote Linux is a single floppy distribution of Linux that is derived from the Linux Router Project (LRP). Distribution homepage

   Debian is kernel independent. It currently uses the Linux kernel but work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels, using Hurd. It offers more than 2250 free software packages (based on GNU tools). Distribution homepage


   DragonLinux is a Slackware based distribution, streamlined to make it easer for newcomers. Using loopfiles, it installs on a Windows or DOS based system without the need for repartitioning. There is an extremely active support group to welcome new users.
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   elxLinux offers easy installation, intuitive desktop, wizard driven configurations, high security and virtually virus free, it is all set to deliver best of the experience ever had by any PC user. The desktop is so well appointed with ergonomic layout of applications and utilities that it takes no time for a user to achieve maximum productivity level. Users migrating from Windows will find Elx an absolute delight as Elx retains both style and functionality of all goodies they left behind in Windows like My computer, Network Neighbourhood, Control Panel, Set up wizards etc. besides which it also provides tremendous amount of control, liberty, reliability, power and maturity which are inherently associated with LINUX.
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   DemoLinux wants to make it possible for everyone to look at what Linux can offer, and to make it possible for software publishers wanting to show their Linux-based software to distribute a no hassle hands-off bootable demo CD. Distribution homepage

   GNU Dualix is a mini-distribution of Linux . It is intended for use as a portable network client, but includes much more than just network programs - look below for a partial list. Note that it is not a rescue system. Distribution homepage

   E-Loop is a linux distribution on a bootable cd that mounts a serpent encrypted filesystem on a windows partition. It also includes scripts to encrypt personal files.

   A secure distribution of Linux that implements advanced security techniques. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server. Includes acomplete suite of e-business services, intrusion alert capabilities, improved authentication and access control utilizing strong cryptography, and complete SSL secure web-based administration capabilities.
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   A Linux distribution developed in Spain and oriented toward Spanish-speaking users. Installation, command lines, documentation and user's manual are all in Spanish (Castellano). Distribution homepage

   Finnix is a self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution, based on Red Hat Linux. Finnix was created as a system maintenance distribution. You can mount hard drives, set up network devices, repair filesystems, and pretty much do anything you can do with a regular distribution. Distribution homepage


   FrazierWall Linux is a single floppy distribution of a NAT firewall that is based on the Linux Router Project. It is designed for use with Ethernet based internet connections (such as cable modems or xDSL lines). FrazierWall allows you to share a connection with several other computers on a LAN. The FrazierWall is remotely manageable via telnet and with a web browser. Distribution homepage

   Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free x86-based Linux distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Unlike other distros, Gentoo Linux has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more. Distribution homepage

   Gibraltar, a Debian GNU/Linux based firewall distribution, available for download. This Gibraltar does not need to be installed on a harddisk but can be run directly from the bootable, live CD-ROM. All software packages written for Gibraltar, including the shell scripts for booting, maintaining and administering it, can be distributed under the terms of the GNU general public license. The complete, bootable ISO images of Gibraltar can be used freely but commercial distribution is restricted. Distribution homepage

   Giotto is a floppy Linux: a bootable floppy disk that comes with the necessary parts of the Linux operation system. It can be installed also on a harddisk and runs completely out of the system's RAM, generally no hard disks are required. Distribution homepage

   "Immunix" is a family of tools designed to enhance system integrity by hardening system components and platforms against security attacks. Immunix works by hardening existing software components and platforms so that attempts to exploit security vulnerabilities will fail safe, i.e. the compromised process halts instead of giving control to the attacker, and then is restarted.
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   JBLinux is a Linux distribution designed primarily for security and performance, as well as aiming to provide the end-user with up-to-date high quality software. All packages are optimized for Pentium-class CPUs.
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   K12Linux is a group of educators using Linux in schools.LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. K12LTSP lets you boot diskless workstations from the server. The LTSP is all about running thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment. You can use old PC's as diskless clients or buy new ones inexpensively.
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   KNOPPIX is a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos.
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   Linux software with an enhanced desktop setup and configuration; includes window managers, word processing, spreadsheets, image processing/viewing, video and sound software and a selection of games, utilities and productivity tools. Also included is a variety of internet tools. Distribution homepage

   Linux operating system for PowerPC computers;also runs on Apple Network Server, the BeBox, and a variety of IBM and Motorola PowerPC-based.
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   A networking-centric micro-distribution of Linux. LRP is small enough to fit on a single 1.44MB floppy disk, and makes building and maintaining routers, access servers, thin servers, thin clients, network appliances, and typically embedded systems next to trivial.
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    Linux via RPM
   Linux via RPM (LvR) is a source-based RPM distribution loosely based on Linux From Scratch. All source packages are defined and build using XML'ized RPM spec files, making for a powerfull, flexible distribution with a de-facto standard packaging manager.
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   The LNX-BBC is a GPLed, GNU/Linux, mini-distribution aimed at PC based system rescue. In other words, it is a bootable operating system distributed on a mini CD-ROM.
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   A small Linux distribution that can be installed and run from a Dos/Win95/98 system without repartitioning.
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   LRs-Linux is a Source-Distribution based on the LFS System. LRs-Linux is compiled completely from source code but does not need for this a host operating system.
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   Distribution created by the folks from DeepLinux and Redmond linux.
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    Magnux Linux
   Magnux Linux is a complete operating system built above the Linux kernel. It was entirely built from scratch and was not based on any other existing distribution. The main goal of this project is to build a clean, simple and secure Unix-like system well suited for server machines (though many users use it on their desktops). Magnux Linux is also designed with strict conformance with upcoming Linux standards (like FHS and the LSB) in mind. Distribution homepage

   Linux-Mandrake is a complete pre-configured graphical Linux operating system which comes with KDE, Gnome, Window Maker, Enlightenment and other graphical interfaces. It provides ease of use for both home/office and servers. Distribution homepage


   Matrix Unix; a fully featured UNIX(r) environment with refrences to BSD, Linux, and Soalris. MU is aimed run on i686/PPRO, ia64. and UltraSparc processors.

   Built around the GNU Linux kernel, X-Windows and the KDE Desktop, MaxOS features an easy installation utility, numerous applications and utilities. Currently optimized to run on Pentium PC's, but future developments include systems for other platforms.
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   An early version of linux, MCC was one of the first-ever distributions.

    Modularity Linux
   The Mini-CD starting point is Model-K (Modular Opensource Distribution for Enhancing/Extending Linux based on Knoppix).

    Monkey Linux
   Czech language mini-linux. Monkey Linux can be extracted to the DOS filesystem (to the FAT32 too). This is complete small ELF distribution on 5 diskettes. Distribution homepage

   Using this system we get a light, usable linux console on our machine. On local hard-drive [or optionally floppy disk] it takes only about 400k [kernel and loadlin], while all the root is on an nfs server.

    Peanut linux
   Full Linux GUI distribution, that ships 99.9% software pre-configured with KDE-Desktop/WM, Netscape, HTTP/FTP/Telnet daemons, 5 X Games, KLicq Client, Igloo-Client, TKDesk, Packages include Quake3-Test(requires 3Dfx Video Card) Perl5 5.6.0, GVim 2.6, PCMCIA, PPP, ISDN, Cable modem support. Distribution homepage

    Peewee linux
   A Linux distribution for embedded applications and single floppy systems. Features an ncurses graphical configuration utility. Distribution homepage

   Progeny is an an enhanced version of the Debian distribution. Distribution homepage

   Pygmy Linux is small distribution of the Linux operating system, based on Slackware 7.1. Pygmy use UMSDOS filesystem, it allows an user to install a fully functional operating system, that co-exists peacefully with DOS/Win9x on the same partition. Pygmy is internet ready, it supports connection via modem and network card. Distribution homepage

    RedHat linux
   User friendly linux distribution. Configurations are compatible for home or business users, or for server use. Redhat is notable both its for technical contributions to Linux architecture (such as the Red Hat Package Manager) and the fact that these additions are made available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute under the GNU General Public License.
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   Relax Linux is a free linux distribution targeted towards desktop users. It has compiler tools and glibc2.1, you can install to a dos loop image (safer for you windows users) or to a seperate ext2 partition. It's easy to install and the whole thing fully installed is less than 350 megs.
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   ScrudgeWare is being designed with several goals in mind. First and foremost is to be built 100% from GPL(or other freely licensed) software . Second, NO BLOAT, many modern Linux distributions come with every software package known to man, this is not the Scrudgeware approach. Scrudgeware will try to build a simple ("bare bones") system on which the user can add any software they choose..
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   Slackware has offered a stable and secure Linux distribution for UNIX veterans as well as an easy-to-use system for beginners. Slackware configurations are applicable for either server or workstation. Distribution homepage

   Small Linux is a distribution which fits on a floppy and can boot in less than 2 megs of RAM. It is intended for users who need a Linux Kernel that meets small memory requirements. Small Linux has been used (console based) on a 386 laptop with 2 meg of ram and a 40 meg harddrive.
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   SoL is short for Server optimized Linux and is a Linux distribution completely independent from other Linux-distributions. It was built from the original src-packages and is optimized for heavy-duty server work. It contains all common server applications.
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   Sorcerer is a distribution for advanced systems administration with both command line and menu driven package mangement programs.
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   Sourcemage is a source-based GNU/Linux distribution based on a Sorcery metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" programs, which we refer to as "spells".
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   GNU/Linux distribution
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   Stormbringer Linux integrates useability with security, bringing end users the utmost in operating system stability while increasing the security of the system overall.
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   European linux distribution; comes bundled with productivity and internet applications.
Distribution homepage , English language version homepage

   Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy disk, loads it packages from a FAT/Ext2 partition, floppy disks, or HTTP/FTP servers, and runs entirely in RAM.
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   Trustix designed for the server share of the PC market. The emphasis is on creating a fully secure server. This distribution contains only the packages needed for a server.
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   A base system to build a Linux system based on each individuals' needs and wants in an operating system.

   WinLinux is a complete Linux system that installs directly to your Windows 95 or 98 just like any other application. WinLinux 2000 setup and configuration software automatically detects and configures most of your hardware devices. You can boot Linux as easily as starting any Windows application and share free hard disk space between Windows and Linux.
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   Linux distributions for Apple and IBM RS/6000 computers. YDL is built upon the "monolithic kernel" and is RPM-based. Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, is geared toward a wide range of network applications such as ISPs, corporate intra/extranets, web and network servers. A single user version of yellowdog is under development.
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       These distributions are freely available for download and distribution under Open Source copyleft and licensing restrictions. Please refer to each package for copying and distribution restrictions.