Dallas Cowboy Draft Party!:))

After receiving free tickets from the Dallas Cowboy Pro Shop, (thanks guys!!:), hubby and I headed for the Dallas Cowboy Draft Party held at Gilley's in Dallas today, April 24, 2004!!:))

I wore my blue wig, my Cowboy pants and a new "Rookie Of The Year" T-shirt which hubby bought for me! The T-shirt is a KIDS MEDIUM!!! OMG!!! The adult shirts are all too big on me now!! LOL:))

We got to meet our quarterback, Quincy Carter, and we got to hang out with some of the other Cowboy fans there too! It was a blast!!:))

Here I am all ready to go this morning!:))

Complete with my blue wig, Cowboy pants, Rookie Of The Year T-shirt, Troy Aikman # 8 cap, lucky Cowboy beads, nerf football that hubby bought for me the night before the party and my armadillo purse! 

Notice that my armadillo is also wearing a Cowboys helmet just his size!! LOL!!:))

Now y'all can see what a football fanatic I really am! If you go to a Cowboys game with us sometime, this is what I would be wearing! LOL:))

Everyone at the party loved it!:)) 

Here is the sign outside of Gilley's in Dallas!!

You can even see the Cowboys Draft Party listed on the sign!

This place was huge inside! It had a couple small stores inside of it where you could purchase everything from a Gilley's shirt right up to a pair of rhinestone chaps! LOL:)) 



The first friend I made was on our way through the parking lot! 

Here I am with Sir Loin the clown! LOL:))

He was greeting everyone on their way through the front gate:)


Getting closer to going inside now! 

My heart was racing like crazy at this point because I knew that, right inside these doors, were my Dallas Cowboys!!:))) 

Here is the famous mechanical bull inside Gilley's!

They were not operating it today so guess that means we will have to go back there another time for some bull riding then! LOL:))


Here I am with another fan! 

Notice the matching blue hair!! LOL:)))

And here I am with our quarterback, Quincy Carter!!

He autographed a group photo for me and, when I showed him a "before" picture of me, taken back in 2000 with Rowdy the Cowboy Mascot, he autographed that too!! LOL!!!

They weren't allowed to sign my pants, as they were only supposed to sign the photos they had on hand, but he signed the extra picture for me any ways!:)) 


Here I am right before we left the Draft Party to come back home!

You can tell by the smile on my face that I had a great time!!:)))

We grabbed Subway sandwiches afterwards and went home to finish watching the Draft on tv!:) 


One more picture on our way out and I am already day dreaming of going to next year's Draft Party now!!:))))

Yee-Haw!!! What a great time!!!:))))