Texas Stadium Goal Photos!:))))

When I hit Goal, back on November 24, 2003, I made plans to get some cool Goal Photos taken of me at Texas Stadium. But bad weather and cancelled tours kept that from happening.....until NOW!:)))

My most wonderful hubby took me to Texas Stadium, home of my Dallas Cowboys, to get my Goal Photos taken there today, April 4, 2004!!:)))

After seeing my "before" photos, the wonderful women in the Cowboys Pro Shop gave us our tour for FREE!!!:))) The feeling I had, standing on The Star, and the memories I brought home with me from today are truly Priceless!!:)))) I now share my long over due Texas Stadium Goal Photos with y'all:)))

Our tour guide, Matt, was fantastic!

We started our tour by visiting a Luxury Suite! 
These Suites start at $ 200,000. and go to $ 3,000,000.!!

Then we visited an exclusive area for season ticket holders!

We also got to go inside the Cowboys Locker Room!! OMG!!:)))

It felt so cool to be there! I even saw Troy's old locker!:))

Here I am sitting at Larry Allen's locker area too!!:))

And at Coach Parcells as well! Great going Coach!!:))

Then we started our walk down THE Tunnel!!:)))

I couldn't believe we were walking down it to the field!!

The Superbowl Logos were painted on the walls of it!

I swear my heart beat faster as we passed each one!

You felt like a real part of Cowboy history just being there!

To know that the team see these every time was awesome!

This is the Superbowl our son knew they'd go to & win!:)

We were coming to the entrance to the field at last!!:))

I could feel the tears building up & was starting to sniffle:)

Here is the very first picture of me ON the field!! OMG!:)

I told Tom that I was going to "faint" on THE Star! LOL!:)

I struck my best "Sexy Cheerleader" pose on it too! LOL:)

I was slowly working my way up to my Goal Pose! LOL:)

And here are the photos we went there to take.......... G O A L ! ! ! :)))))
OMG, I can not even begin to tell you what a feeling this was!!! But, keep going, because there's more!:)

I intercepted a pass & ran for the End Zone!:)

Seeing no one near me, I decided to walk it in!:)

TOUCHDOWN! I started my End Zone Victory Dance! LOL:)

When the Ref saw that the "ball" I spiked was my Armadillo purse..

....I was benched! LOL! I didn't mind that though!!:)))

Soon the tour was over, but I didn't want to leave!

But, when I saw this sign, I decided a call from the Cowboys would do just as well as a tour! LOL:)

Hubby hopes I know this means for Cowboys ticket pick up, but I can dream, can't I ??? LOL:)))

So, I hit the Cowboy Restroom area & we said goodbye.
(Hey, it has the Cowboy Star on it, so it gets it's picture taken too!! LOL!!!:)))

A few more pictures on the way out... one by the sign....

One by the statue of Landry at the front gate......

And a final goodbye picture of the Stadium itself.....

And, with my brand new pair of Cowboy Pants - which a Cowboy Player actuallyy wore during training camp!! - this Cowboy Fan lived Happily Ever AAfter!!!:)))

By the way, the number marked inside the pants is # 82, Tight End Jason Witten!!:))) 

Tight End huh? No wonder these pants make my back end look so good!! LOL!!:)))

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