Menadue Models is a site devoted to many things.

I like to promote my hobbies, my work, and my region.

I live in Bowen, North Queensland, Australia, a town of some 5000 population nestled between seven golden unspoiled beaches. We are blessed with a great climate, and warm sunshine.

These pages will hopefully give you some idea what I do as well as my likes.

Menadue Models is my home business which caters for freelance model construction by commission. Check out my Menadue Models page to see the two Fantasea projects I have done.

Search & Deliver Services caters for those hard to find items, where you want something and don' know where to find it. I will chase it up for you and if you want it, acquire it for you.

Reiki is a practice of my wife Denise's  and also our good friend Jenny. Workshops are held in Bowen and Collinsville throughout the year. Check out the schedule.

Holmen Enterprises will supply you with those excellent health teas and products so necessary in today's world for excellent health. Check out the Jason Winters range imported from USA for Australians to enjoy.

The model aircraft page shows some of the many Model Aircraft I have built over the years. Some are in the RAAF establishments, and also the local museums.

Menad Railroad Systems is the model railroad I have been working on since 1972, when it was known as the Wynde & Jeancy Systems. We are still developing a new railroad for a 20 x 20 shed. Stay tuned.

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