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The Metis Nation of the South reaches out with heartfelt sympathy and shared loss to the families and friends of the victims of September 11, 2001.

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Welcome to the Metis Nation of the South. We are the descendants of the indigenous peoples of North America in whom also runs the bloodlines of the people of Europe, Asia and/or Africa.

The members of MNS have banded together with a desire to honor and respect our unique mixed-blood heritage. We often call ourselves "southern" Metis in an effort to distinguish ourselves from the Red River Metis of Canada as well as other Canadian Metis --- and in recognition of the distinctive history of mixed blood natives south of the Canadian border.

Our members have come together to share and preserve the history and heritage of our unique cultures -- a true melting pot -- and to prepare a path for future generations. The MNS is a gathering of Metis (mixed bloods) who benefit through the sharing of our individual experiences. We are a "family" composed of the people who didn't exist in either the white or native world and who are often identifed as "the people who own themselves." We have pride in our heritage and in ourselves, thus we are proud mixed bloods: Metis, Mestizo, Mulatto, Melungeon, and/or Bemdineek, breeds, et cetera. Our common denominator is our aboriginal heritage and culture which expands beyond international boundaries. We support each other as we share family stories, cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs that encompasses all parts of our ancestry.

We are a peaceful sovereign aboriginal nation organized under international law whose rights are protected under the Constitutions and Laws of the United States, Canada, and Mexico and international treaty rights. The main goal of the MNS is to seek recognition under international law for mixed bloods and "Lost Birds" who were raped of their heritage through the genocidal practices of various federal governments. We are loyal citizens of the host countries in which we reside. We are not a "militia" group and if you are the kind of person who thinks violence is the answer to a problem, you will not find a home here.

The MNS does not seek nor want "recognition" from any "federal" government. We do not want any "federal" benefits or monies. We consider CDIB cards (Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood) issued by the BIA in the U.S. as a continuing genocidal effort by the federal government to "solve the Indian problem."

On these pages you will find our nation's constitution and bylaws, requirements for membership, a map of MNS districts, and links to other Metis sites on the World Wide Web. Our nation's documents are public. Title 2 of our laws addresses sovereignty. Title 3 addresses the subject of civil rights. Title 4 addresses membership requirements. Our National Council and the citizens of MNS are working on other Titles to make sure we meet the requirements needed to attempt international recognition. If you are Metis (a mixed blood as defined in our constitution) and would like to help in this effort, or a looking for a "home", we welcome your application for membership. If you have questions on a pending membership application, please email MNS for an update.

An expanded definition of the MNS may be found in the Preamble to our constitution and may answer many of your questions. All members of the Metis Nation of the South have an equal voice in the workings of our government. We also have elected officials who work on behalf ot the nation at the direction of the people. Should you be interested in helping our nation in a more active manner, please review the government roster for a complete list of open positions.

U.S. Metis Card -- Warning!!!

We have received inquiries from people in Canada who say they have received their "U.S. Metis card" and want to know if that means they can now live and work in the United States. We've also received inquiries from U.S. citizens asking if there are benefits from having a "U.S. Metis card." There is no "official" U.S. Metis card recognized as such under U.S. Federal Law. Unlike Canada, the Metis in the U.S. are not recognized as an aboriginal people by the United States federal government. The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs does not issue "Metis" cards, nor do they officially recognize Metis as either a tribe or formal indigenous group within the United States.

If someone tries to give you a U.S. Metis card, or sell one to you, and says this card carries weight with the United States government, we recommend that you contact the U. S. Immigration Office or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. More information on this topic can be found in our FAQ section.

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