Year of Tears


Bitter tears and numbing sighs

Strained by obstacles and grief,

Turned into excruciating horror

Witnessed by our frightened eyes.

The sky, like a blue crystal, so fair,

Like prelude of life and fascination,

Was engolfed by fierce calamity

In the midst of terror and despair.

The memory is ever permanent,

So constant, never finding its end,

Echoing the ever grieving agony

Of our beloved country’s torment.

A beautiful morning, with a hefty price,

Swept away by piercing heartache,

As so many selfless and loving souls

Gifted us with their ultimate sacrifice.

Life taught us about pain and sorrow;

It has changed, no more the same.

We became doubtful of its illusion...

Is there hope for a brighter tomorrow?...

It was one of the most sorrowful years,

Which made us face up to harsh reality,

When even the cold hearted wept praying

For good news and no more tears.

In search of peace and happiness,

We anxiously and humbly pray

The Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary

Recognizing Jesus' love and kindness.

May the ashes of the preceding year

Rekindle the embers of peace and love,

And cradle the hope of this new one

That a better world is drawing near!




© Ann Marie S. Matias

January 1, 2002 


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Page and Poem by:

© Ann Marie S. Matias

January 1, 2002