Thanksgiving Prayer

We thank You, Lord, for the bounty,
The fruits of the earth, air and sea,
The beauty of our great Country,
For peace, happiness and glee.

All of us Your children we are;
God, Our Father, with us stay;
Lead us, whether near or far,
So that we may find our way.

We give You thanks, one and all,
Throughout this marvelous land;
With courage we shall never fall,
Free and united we shall stand!

Heartfelt gratitude we owe to You;
In earnest, Dear Lord, we all pray,
Protect us with Your Love so true,
Shed Your blessings upon the USA!




From the East Coast,

To the Mountains, Valleys, and Rivers,

Into the Immense Abyss,

To the West Coast,

We give thanks now and always

For the Freedom, Liberty,

Peace and Happiness

God has granted

This Great Country!

The Good Old

United States of America!

© Page and Poem by:   Ann Marie S. Matias

Photos:  Personal and Public Collections

November 22, 2001