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Greetings from The MF, here you will get love advice and ruminations from a The MF.  I am a no nonsense former college football player and former military man who is degreed in Psychology.  So you will get a true man's answer to your love problems.  The MF can be hardcore & funny but it's all in fun with the goal of improving the quality of your love life.        
When your girlfriend leaves the country
Young and yearning,

Seems like a toughie, but really it's not a tough decision at all.  I noticed that nowhere in the letter do you mention that you love the young lady.  You also admit that you don't know if you can handle a long distance relationship.  If you were head over heels about her then there would be no question, you would want her in your life from now on. 

The MF would "man up" and sensitively talk to her about ending things for now so you both can grow while she is away.  I would make love to her passionately first (qualtiy break up sex).  Keep in tough with her periodically throughout the year, then see where things are once she returns.  While she is away your still on the market.  You are YEARNING ain't ya?   

It's not fair to yourself or to her if you don't really love her to be bound to the email, text messages, and the phone for a year.  You could miss the love of your life while your frustrated and sitting home lonely over someone that you 'really like.'   

Be strong but delicate of her feelings!  

The MF
Dear MF,

I have a girlfriend who's leaving the country for a year to study in France. We've been dating 6 months, and I really like her. But I don't know if I can handle a long distance relationship. She's twenty-one years old, and I'm twenty-three. She's my second girlfriend I've ever had. Should we try to stay together, or let each other date around?

Young and yearning