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2004/04/01*** Several updates done to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this page. ***

2003/08/01*** Long overdue updates done on Intro and slskjapan pages. ***

2003/05/10*** slskjapan updated with new info and new chat logs!. ***

2003/05/05*** slskjapan.htm updated with link to official forum. ***

2003/04/25*** New Release info and Links Farm updated. ***

Welcome to MFZ's home on Yahoo! Geocities. This will be the place where you can find an introduction to the Japanese music industry, check out The Unofficial slsk Japanese music room Page, see pics of MFZ's import Sega Saturn Collection, read MFZ's manga summaries for Street Fighter ZERO and Street Fighter ZERO 2: Sakura Ganbaru!, and click on MFZ's favorite links!

MFZ hopes you enjoy your stay!

Introduction to the Japanese music industry: The Japanese music industry from MFZ's point of view.

The Unofficial slsk Japanese music room Page: Unofficial home to one of the best chatrooms on the Soulseek servers, now with info on New Release Servers!

MFZ's Sega Saturn Collection: One of the best import Sega Saturn Collection out there, and it belongs to MFZ.

MFZ's Manga Summaries: Manga summaries that MFZ did back in the old millenium.

MFZ's Link Farm: MFZ's recommended links and contact info.