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The Summer sessions

Togolot has been an ongoing experiment in sound for over twenty five years starting out when I  Eugene Solot and Douglas "Toga" Maguire lived in Colchester in the seventies.  I was an Art Professor at WIU in Macomb and Toga had just finished there as a music student and was playing in various bands.  Eventually he moved to Minnesota and settled in Duluth a city on lake Superior where he worked various jobs and played in various bands in a variety of musical styles.  We exchanged visits every year and recorded our music only during these exchanges until we began composing together over the internet beginning in 1996 when our production increased greatly at first using midi and eventually mp3.  The music in the background is a clip from our latest live sessions here in Colchester using my new Roland xp60 and Toga playing his Roland D50 with added sounds from a Proteus that he borrowed. The pictures show us recording the four cds that we did in 5 days. Usually my visits to Duluth last nine days but time pressure caused this to be a very short though very productive Togolot experience

Gene playing the new Roland

Toga playing

The new Roland

Gene discussing the session

The working sapce

Toga remembering the trip to Boulder

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