ChOiCEs! There seem to be an endless amount of choices in life so I will attempt to make this one easy. Simply make a selection from the left side of your window and almost as if it were magic you will be transported to your destination. If you are still confused you can read the descriptions of each choice listed below.
FAQ: A vague attempt to answer questions frequently pondered about my existance. You may achieve zen here.
RESUME: The rather distant and brief summary of my recent life's journeys in employment and education. You probably won't know the talents a potential employee possesses until they work for you.
CHURCH: The electronic webarized version of my church. Click to see what it looks like online.
MUSIC: Bingety bangity. Music can be a beautiful extension of emotion but I like the fact that the majority of it is obnoxious noise! See what songs are stuck in my head (on repeatrepeatrepeat).

Hard Rule
...simplistic common sense undermining conventional solutions...