MFL Expansion Draft (conversion to Madden 2003)

Stage 1 & 2 Draft

The Dolphins have 5 picks in stages 1 & 2.  With the Dolphins first pick at 71, the Dolphins selected LT L.J. Shelton.  he originally was on the Dolphins roster.  the Dolphins were able to get him back, and he will complete the starting offensive line for the Fins.  Shelton is a strong tackle (95 str), that is great at run blocking (88 rbk).  With the next pick the Dolphins picked CB Lito Sheppard.  Sheppard is a rookie out of University of Florida.  He has tons of potential, and is very fast (91 spd).  He will be able to either start at FS or play nickel back for the Fins.  the 3rd pick was OLB Levar Fisher.  another rookie with potential.  Fisher is one of the fastest LBs (80 spd) in the draft.  he will give the Dolphins the ability to decide if they want to run a 3-4 defense.  with the final pick of Stage 1, the Dolphins selected LE C. Cooper.  Cooper is a young DE, with good potential.  Dolphins had to fill the hole, and he was judge as the best pick available at the time.

Dolphins Players Kept

1.  LaVar Arrington (OLB)
Arrington improved from a 87 to 98 ovr.  He is the most dominating OLB in the game.
2. Sam Madison (CB)
Madison declined from 99 to 98 ovr.  But he is still rated the best Corner in the game.
3. John Abraham (RE)
Abraham increased from 88 to 91 ovr.  He was traded for Jason Taylor and is a lot cheaper salary.
4.  Anthony McFarland (DT)
McFarland increased from 85 to 88 ovr.  He was a bargin considering he was traded for with Daryl Gardener.
5. John Newberry (C)
Newberry increased from 74 to 86 ovr.  Very good increase.  Ninth rated center in Madden.
6. Marvel Smith (RT)
Smith increased from 64 to 84 ovr.  Best increase of all the Dolphin players.  Bargin since he was a Free Agent pickup no one wanted.
7. Chris Chambers (WR)
Chambers increased from 68 to 84 ovr.  Was 4th in depth chart before conversion, now the number 1 WR.
8. Dan Morgan (MLB)
Morgan decreased from 86 to 80 ovr.  Morgan switched positions from OLB to MLB.  He still has the potential to be a top 5 MLB.
9.  Chris Hampton (DT)
Hampton decreased from 88 to 83 ovr.  Is very strong DT, that will improve.
10.  Bubba Franks (TE)
Franks decreased from 88 to 83 ovr.  Still one of the best TEs in Madden.  Has huge upside.
11.  Chris McAlister (CB)
McAlister decreased from 97 to 86 ovr.  Big drop, but you still need to have to good corners to be competitive.
12.  Adam Archuelta (SS) 
Archuelta decreased from 86 to 82 ovr.  Very young SS with lots of potential, was the team MVP last season.
13.  Zach Thomas (MLB)
Thomas decreased from 97 to 94 ovr.  Too good and young to leave off list.  Could be traded, or give team flexibility to run a 3-4 defense.
14.  Toni Fontio (RG)
Rookie rated 73 ovr.  Very strong and great run blocking guard with lots of potential.
15.  Steve Hutchinson (LG)
Hutchinson decreased from 89 to 81 ovr.  2nd year player with pro bowl potential.

Players left off on the bubble: RT Todd Wade (76 ovr), LT L. J. Shelton (77 ovr), HB Jamar Tasker (73 ovr), FS Brock Marion (89 ovr), K Olindo Mare (97 ovr), WR Rod Gardner (80 ovr), WR Koren Robinson (79 ovr), and HB Kevan Barlow (77 ovr).


Expansion Draft rules (conversion to Madden 2003)

Each team will get to keep up to 15 players from their 2002 MFL roster. Real NFL players will contain the attributes that they are listed as in Madden 2003. Real NFL players that are not available in the latest 2003 roster will be considered retired. Players that were created by Madden for the rookie drafts will be created with the listed attributes that our current league has them listed as. If the overalls do not match each main position attribute will be increased 1 until the overalls match if higher and decreased 1 if lower. Salary information will not be available.

The expansion team will be allowed to select their 15 players from the reaming players after each current team selects their keepers.

Franchise Draft

Base Draft Order
The base draft order will be based on current Madden 2002 MFL team rankings, as listed in the roster file of the game. Ties broken by offense rank, then defense rank, then special team rank.

Actual Draft Order
The players you decide to keep will determine your total number of draft picks and your pick selection positions. The draft will be broken up into 3 stages, real draft order will be posted.

Stage 1
To determine the total number of stage 1 picks you will receive subtract the number of 90+ rated players you kept from the maximum number of 90+ rated players by a team.

The order of all the stage 1 picks will be based on how many 90+ players you selected and the base draft order. Picks will be assigned first based on the teams with low 90+ rated players kept with ties being broken by the base draft order.

Stage 2
To determine the total number of stage 1 picks you will receive subtract the number of 80-89 rated players you kept from the maximum number of 80-89 rated players by a team.

The order of all the stage 1 picks will be based on how many 80-89 players you selected and the base draft order. Picks will be assigned first based on the teams with low 80-89 rated players kept with ties being broken by the base draft order.

Stage 3
Each team will be allowed to draft enough players to get their roster to 41 players based on the base draft order. Once a team hits 41 players, that team may not draft any more players.

Free Agent Bidding
The Free agent bidding process will be a period that begins after the commissioner has completed the signings of the rookies. During this period any team may open bidding on any player who has not yet received an opening bid. Opening bids may only be received between the hours of 9:00AM EST and 11:59PM EST.

Once a player has received an opening bid any other team may raise the contract bid amount on that player. Bidding on a player will close after 24 hours has passed provided the silent period has passed. A silent period is where there has been no bid on a player for 15 minutes. If there has not been a silent period after 24 hours, bidding closes after the silent period has passed. There must be a 15-minute silent period for players bidding to close!

At the end of the bidding process the team with the highest dollar amount will be awarded the player. The contract length will be the longest length possible, under MFL rules.

Also, if you bid an amount that you cannot afford your team will be given a $1M salary cap reduction for the upcoming season. You can only spend what your current available salary cap is.

Free Agent First Come First Served
Each team will be allowed to acquire a player every 12 houirs. If you acquire a player on SUN at 10:04AM EST you can not acquire another until SUN 10:04 PM EST. This period will last 5 days.

After this 5 day has passed each team will be allowed to acquire as many players as they need to fill their roster for 3 days.

Unlimited Trading
Each team may engage in unlimited trading for a set period of time.

Financial penalties will be carried over and enforced. Trading penalties will be enforced during the regular season.

Roster Requirments
Total Players: 50

QB 3
HB 4
FB 2
WR 5
TE 3
T 4
G 4
C 2
DE 4
DT 4
CB 5
FS 2
SS 2
K 1
P 1



"The draft has gone smoothly so far.  The Commish of the MFL has done a great job."
Dolphins GM Dan Marino.

TRANSACTIONS (players kept)

1. LaVar Arrington (LOLB)
  2. Sam Madsion (CB)
  3. John Abraham (RE)
  4. Anthony McFarland (DT)
  5. John Newberry (C)
  6. Marvel Smith (RT)
  7. Chris Chambers (WR)
  8. Dan Morgan (MLB)
  9. Chris Hampton (DT)
10. Bubba Franks (TE)
11. Chris McAlister (CB)
12. Adam Archuelta (SS)
13. Zach Thomas (MLB)
14. Toni Fontio (RG)
15. Steve Hutchinson (LG)
Complete Transactions

Stage 1 Draft
71 L.J. Shelton LT 77
99 Lito Sheppard CB 69
127 Levar Fisher OLB 68
156 C. Cooper LE 71
Stage 2 Draft
Stage 3 Draft


Currently the Dolphins have no cap


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