Week 9 Game Review
Vikings (9) @ Colts (27)
Indianapolis Colts
Week 1 Colts @ Patriots  L 28-35
Week 2 Colts @ Titans     L 17-24
Indianapolis Colts 2008 MFL Season
Week 6  BYE
Week 7 Colts vs Jaguars  L 21-55
Week 8 Colts  @  Chiefs  W 44-24
Week 9 Colts vs.  Vikings  W27-9
Week 10 Colts vs. Texans
Week 11 Colts  @  Bears 
Week 12 Colts  @  Lions 
Week 13 Colts  vs Titans 
Week 14 Colts  @ Texans
Week 15 Colts  vs Ravens
Week 16 Colts vs Chargers
Week 17 Colts @ Broncos
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Week 3 Colts vs. Packers  W 13-6
Week 4 Colts @ Jaguars  W 13-10
Week 5 Colts vs. Raiders  L 3-22
       AFC South Standings
1. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2)
2. Indianapolis Colts (4-4)
3. Houston Texans (3-5)
4. Tennessee Titans (3-5)
    This week the division didn't have alot of activity.  With the Jags and Titans both on vacation this week, the only thing up for grabs in the division, was second place.  The Colts and Texans entered the week tied for the 2nd place spot.  The Texans faced the Broncos, and came up well short, against a rookie GM, while the Colts faced the (4-3) Minnesota Vikings, another rookie gm, and came away with a big 27-9 victory, to take possession of the #2 spot in the division.
     A nice change of pace for the Colts as they have been fighting to get out of the basement of the AFC South all season.  However, next week could see a shift again, as the Colts and Texans will square off for the first time this season.  The Colts are (1-2) in division play with a win over the Jags early in the season.  The Texans are (0-2) so far in the division, with losses to both the Titans and Jaguars.  The Colts will be riding a two game win streak, while the Texans are falling fast on a 5 game skid.  However, the Titans have had a tough stretch, with the exception of the Titans game. 
     The Jags will have their hands full with the Lions next week, and the Titans will have a decent shot against the Bears.  A win for the Colts and loss for the Jags would be nice next week, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Players of the Week
C.Wheeler (DET)
3 tackles, Int, FR
2 Def. TD's
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts

Ashlie Lelie (WR)
13 Rec, 128 yards
1 TD
Division Review Week 9
    The Colts came into week 9 riding high on the win over the Chiefs last week.  Those high emotions were of course somewhat tempered due to the fact the Chiefs have only 1 win this year.  But the way the game played out for the Colts they could carry some confidence into this weeks matchup with the Vikings.
     The Vikings had been riding a surge.  Winning 4 of the last 5 games.  However, new management was brought in this week, and that gave the Colts even a little more hope, that they could carry on last weeks success. 
    It didn't take long for this one to start playing out.  After holding the Vikings to a 3 and out on the first possession, Manning engineered a drive into the endzone, fairly quickly.  Manning was perfect on that possession, 6 for 6, with a few runs mixed in, a nice start. 
     The next series, same result.  3 and out for the Vikings.  1 for 1 for 52 yard TD for Manning and rookie WR Jamar Taylor.   Fast forward a couple empty possessions and the Colts are punting to the Vikings after the first stoppage of the Colts on the day.   This is where things just weren't going to go right for the Vikings, the punt returner fumbled, the Colts picked it up and in for the score, 21-0.  Late in the half, the Vikings finally manage a FG to get on the board.  The Colts follow with one of their own, halftime score 24-3. 
     The Vikings wouldn't score again until late in the 4th.  After a 4th down conversion and some good passing by Stephens, they finally found the end zone, but failed to convert for 2.  Somewhere in the third I slept through a Colts FG, 27-9.  The Vikings tried the onside kick, and recovered.  However, as the string of bad luck continues, Stephens throws an interception and the game is over.   
    Bad breal for the rookie Gm.  Good Luck!