we all end in the ocean
we all start in the streams
we're all carried along by the river of dreams...

-- billy joel

I am Marnie Alexis Friedman, and you've found my blind alley off the information super-highway. Lucky you. I first created this site as a way to procrastinate studying for finals my freshman year of college, and have made the occasional update since then.

Vital stats in brief: I grew up in Pennsylvania, graduated from Harvard, and spent three years in New York. Now I'm in Los Angeles, fulfilling a life-long dream of living in sunny southern California. I'm an actuary who loves Broadway; I'm a dreamer, a writer, and a magic bean buyer when I can get good prices on magic beans.

I write. And sometimes after I write, I upload. You can read my thoughts (some of them, anyway). I'm a parodist, too. Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm originally from Wyomissing, PA, which is used to be the outlet capital of the world. My parents are now in Tucson. My brother Lex is a fabulous writer; he and his wife Lauren are the proud parents of Anya Haley, and they live in New Jersey. My sister Abbi is also a fabulous writer. She and my brother-in-law Guy live in Houston, Texas, and they are the proud parents of my four other nieces and nephews --Lior ZoŽ, Liat Shir, Adi Nathaniel, and Yehonatan Shay -- all of whom are beautiful blessings.

Things I have:

Pictures!...and a (brief) modeling career, too.
An alter-ego.

Things I like:

Musicals, especially this one.
Billy Joel.
Movies, especially this one.
Math, especially stochastic game theory.
Numb3rs, especially the divine DK.

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