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The Man -  The Leader
Martin Luther King, a man that seems to come out from nowhere and shook the world. He was born into a black middle class family during times when black and white did not have equal rights. So he was not poor, if history would have taken his usual path, he would have become just another black man who had to take whatever the world had to offer.
Instead, Martin Luther King grew up to become one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. Defying all the odds, he grew to lead the black people of America on a march that still continues. Even so he achieved more recognition and honor than most people that lived in his century; his legacy is far from over. The fruits of what he started are still ripening on the trees for decades to come. He has set an example of non violent protest and leadership to change like very few other people in his time.
MLK is considered one of the great leaders in his times. What is it that made him such a great leader?  Did he work hard to become this leader or is he just a born leader? What leadership style did he prefer or apply to foster his success, if any? Is there anything we can learn from his leadership for our quest to become better leaders? Can his leadership style be analyzed by any of the leadership theories we learn about in college?
This Website is attempting to help finding some answers. It can not give all the answers due to the complexity of the problem. However, much effort is made to help providing as much information as possible to get a better understanding of his leadership and put it in the right perspective.
Martin Luther King
This Website is created as part of an assignment to apply our knowledge about leadership, as we learned it in our graduate class. Each one of us selects one leader and will review his leadership qualities based on what we have learned throughout the course.
Our group put the emphasis on reviewing leaders with regard to
Servant Leadership.
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The Man
The Leader
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