Polish film screenings in Seattle:

Zemsta (Revenge)

W Pustyni i w Puszczy (In Desert and Wilderness)

Polish films on DVD:

Specials (until March 31st, 2003)

  1. Order "In Desert and Wilderness" or "Day of Wacko" for only $20.00 per DVD (taxes and S/H included, insurance extra)
  2. Order 3 DVD's and get free shipping
  3. Order $100 worth of DVD's (before tax) and get 10% off and free shipping

Category A - $14.99

Ajlawju (I Love You)
Czlowiek z Marmuru (Man of Marble)
Czlowiek z Zelaza (Man of Iron)
Demony Wojny (The Demons of War)
Fuks (Lucky Shot)
Nic Smiesznego (Nothing Funny)
Pierwszy Milion (First Million)
To Ja, Zlodziej (Itís Me, the Thief)
Tato (Daddy)
U Pana Boga za Piecem (In Heaven as it is on Earth
Zloto Dezerterow (Deserter's Gold)

Category B - $17.99

Dzien Swira (Day of Wacko)
Kariera Nikosia Dyzmy (Career of Nikos Dyzma)
Krajobraz po Bitwie (Lanscape After Battle)
Panny z Wilka (Young Girls of Wilko)
W Pustyni i w Puszczy (In Desert and Wilderness)
Wszystko na Sprzedaz (Everything's for Sale)
Ziemia Obiecana (Promised Land)

Available later this year

Wiedzmin (Hexer) - available March 2003
Zemsta (Revenge) - available March 2003
Historie Milosne (Love Stories) - available April 2003
Reich (Reich) - available April 2003
Szabla od Komendanta (Steel Legacy) - available April 2003
Anger (Gniew) - available April 2003
Sztuka Kochania (Art of Love) - available May 2003


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  A lot of you asked me about a possibility of paying with a credit card. Due to the small size of the business establishing direct credit card billing is not an option, but as of today (Feburary 19th, 2003) you have the option of paying through PayPal. Paypal is a service: when you sign up for an account, it allow you to pay using credit cards and/or direct transfers from your bank account. It's 100% safe, 100% guaranteed and your orders will ship out immediately since the payment is processed immediately.

For residents of Washington state: order total is subject to 8.8% WA state sales tax.

For example Jan Kowalski orders:

Career of Nikos Dyzma
S/H with $40 insurance$ 6.07
Tax$ 3.44


SHIPPING RATES (All shipments include delivery confirmation):
per package $1.99
plus each DVD + $1.29
(OPTIONAL) insurance $1.50 for $50.00
$1.00 for each additional $100.00