The Triune World

R ecreating a fantasy game scenario from scratch takes time, so although this page has been around for a while, there's still much to do.  This site was to contain information and resources for the World of Greyhawk (WoG) fantasy game setting, created (and later abandoned) by TSR, inc.  After TSR were bought over by Wizards of the Coast (WotC), the WoG has been brought back into the mainstream (at about the same time that third edition D&D was released).

Sadly, I don't much like what they've done with it—I was keen on the WoG primarily because it had been abandoned, and I felt I could do pretty much what I wanted with it.  No longer, so now I'm working on my own fantasy game setting.

Although primarily a resource for The Triune World, this page will still link to my WoG weather generator, and material related to other hobbies.  If you find anything about my fantasy game setting interesting, you may use it freely for non-commercial purposes, so long as you attribute me as and where appropriate.

The Triune World

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World of Greyhawk

Weather Generation for the WoG

A HyperCard Automated Weather Generator

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