These pictures are a tiny example of the tens of thousands of items for sale at a  fair in Yiwu, a town that is a day trip from Ningbo/Shanghai China.  Many Chinese merchants go there to get their merchandise. The fair is open year - round. Below each pictures is the unit prices  and the quantity of items necessary to buy.  You do not need to buy large quantities to get excellent prices.  You do need to be very careful about quality.  You pay in rmb and have little recourse after the sale.  My Chinese friends tell me that if you are not a very seasoned traveler in China it is not safe to go to this city without a guide.  I bought some cultured pearls for US $6.00.  I brought them back to the US added a gold clasp,  and had them strung.  Several jewelry stores have estimated their value to be more than $200.00.  I bought $60.00 worth of beads for my sister, including jasper,  rose quartz, tiger eye, etc. The beads averaged around $1.00 per strand.  My sister, who is an expert,  said that they were worth over $300.00 US at the very lowest wholesale price that she can get in the US.  I travel to China often and buy containers of building materials.  I thought some of you might be interested in these items to sell on Ebay or for your gift shop.  You need to go in person to Yiwu to assure the quality of what you buy.  After purchasing look at each item carefully. For more information you can write me at  in the subject of your message please put Yiwu.  You need to check with US customs about bringing quantities of anything back from China.
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Stuffed Bears 15inch $3.00  30 pc min Smiley face design mixed $2.00 doz min 50 dozen Colorful balloons 100 per bag $1.20  100 bags min
Kites $.80 each min 50 pcs Singing Santa 42 inches tall  $42.00 Umbrellas $1.00 min 100 pieces
Kids back pack $1.50  min 20 pcs Woven Bags for ladies $4.00 min 10 pcs Leather Wallet $1.20 Min 50 pcs
Leather bag for men  $5.50 min 10 pcs Quality hammer $1.00 min 50 pcs 24 inch wrench $3.50 min 10 pcs
Gloves $.30 min 100 pcs Brushes $.30 min 100 pcs
Hats $1.50 min 10 pcs Cutting Board  $1.00
Stainless steel round thermos 10 inches high $.40 min 10 pcs Flask $.80  min 20
Coffee Grinder $3.00 min 10 pcs Faucet  $8.00
Pearls $3.00 - 10.00
warriors Little box $4.00 Fountain
Dolls $5.00 10.00