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Welcome to the First and Official Site of the Andheri Charter of the MGOCSM or in expanded means 'The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement and the mother parish, The St. John's Orthodox Church. This Site caters to both serving as reference for our faithful as well as provides excellent insight for the one who is completely uninitiated.

Christianity is our Faith, Orthodoxy our Liturgy, Malankara Orthodox our Dominion, The Catholicos of the East our Leader and St. John's Orthodox Syrian church our Parish.

The MGOCSM is a fully functioning students Wing within the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. We are part of the Malad Zone in the Bombay Diocese headed by H. G Geevarghese Mar Coorilose.

This Site however goes way beyond MGOCSM-ANDHERI. Our members have collectively put up this greatly informative web portal which gives deep insights into not only our Organization and Church but also Christianity as a whole and Orthodoxy in particular. It caters to provide Quality Christian Information Centrally. Please give us information and suggestion on topics you would like to see covered here.

The parish is concentrating all resources on establishing it's own premises. Anybody wishing to donate monetarily for various maintenance work to be carried out on the site is welcome.

How To Use This Site:

Use the links on the Left for extensive details on each Sub-Heading. Any esoteric phrase will be marked in Yellow and clicking on it will lead you to a page which has detailed explanations. CHRISTIANITY for its History and present divisions and more greatly on the Eastern form of it. ORTHODOXY for our Liturgy and practices and for the understanding of the Qurbana or the Holy Eucharist. KERALA focuses on the history, land, culture and the people who have shaped the structure and the status of the Church as it is today in KERALA. Learn about the various Dioceses and Organizations constituting the Church, its Leader and position in Church Lineage in OUR CHURCH. Finally know our parish, its goal to establish itself, about our Mumbai Diocese, it's Metropolitan, Our Vicar and the MGOCSM Office Bearers in OUR PARISH.

Click on the ICON anywhere to come back here on this page. Post your Doubts or Views to our Forum.  View the MGOCSM Calendar for the year.

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The parish at ANDHERI is fighting to establish itself. The MGOCSM-ANDHERI mother parish is currently operating at a make-shift church hall and is on the way to achieving its own premises and building...however has a mammoth task on hand as regards to making funds available at a fast receding deadline. Please donate for this noble cause. Please read more about this here>>>

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LAST UPDATED ON 8th January 2004 (Layout only) Data: 8th December 2002

One of the Original 12..the apostle spread the Gospel in South India
The apostle to India, evangelized Malankara, 52 A.D
The Saint Gregorious of Parumala
The first  saint canonized by the Church.
The Catholicos of the East, The head of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
H. H Baselios Marthoma Matthews II
The Catholicos of the East and the Malankara Metropolitan, the head of the  Church





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Please note that the articles  posted on this site are solely the perceptions of the  members of the MGOCSM-ANDHERI and has no bearing with the Church's official stand on issues of doctrine or church relations. No individual may be held responsible for any misrepresentation of data and we apologize for the same. Please feel free to contact us. Help us provide quality and accurate information. For any comments/suggestions about the layout and content mail the WEBMASTER

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