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Welcome to my webpage!This webpage is dedicated to my daycare children. Here you will find out exactly what we are up to in our every day lives.  Some of the songs we sing will be posted on here, the funny sayings I hear from the little mouths every day, and our Spanish Lessons which we enjoy.If there is something that you would like to see on this webpage, please feel free to tell me. Trust me I don't bite.  Charlie(alias Gaga) may tell you I do,but honestly I don't<BG>.  The main important thing for me is for you all to be happy and the kids to be happy, so when everyone is happy I am happy!!!  We must work together in order for this to be,so please don't hesitate to tell me I want this, or I would like to see this done differently.  This boils down to one thing I am here for you,and the kids are the most important to me. Open door policy is always in effect as well as a non smoking environment.



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Your child will be intermingled with children from various ages. I have seen children develop a sense of tenderness and caring by reaching out to a younger child that is hurt or crying. They have the benefit of watching older children in their activities, which encourages them to try new things and develop new skills. They are taught morals, manners, and respect for other people and property. They have a consistent caregiver. This helps a child develop strong bonds and trust with the person who cares for them on a day to day basis. They are given a predictable environment and someone that they know they can count on.