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On this page you can follow this link to the syllabus for this course. Below you will find a link to information about careers in information systems/technology.

My dissertation was on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R)* (MBTI)(R)* and here you will find links to several online articles pertaining to the MBTI. Please go to the Humanmetrics website and complete the inventory, which is similar to the MBTI.

After completing the inventory and receiving your four-letter type, please review the articles/links below for more information about how type relates to computer and information technology, team building, management, leadership, careers, learning styles, and a number of other areas. I have created a website MBTILinks that contains a number of links to more information about the MBTI and how it relates to these areas.

Revenge of the Introverts
Listen To Your Intuition
Im OK, Youre Really Weird
The Lawyer Personality - Just in case you are thinking about law school in the future.

Careers and Positions in Management Information Systems/Technology:

Systems Analysts, Computer Scientists, and Database Administrators
South Carolina State Jobs on the World Wide Web - Information Technology
Computer/IT Salaries for the Southeast U.S. Region

Where the Jobs Are:

A chart illustrating projected job growth by profession and net gain in jobs by metropolitan area

Knowledge Management:

Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, and Learning Organizations - This is a link to a website containing a wealth of information about knowledge management. Please feel free to browse the articles.

If you are enrolled in MGT 216 (MIS) please join the class email group to facilitate communication between and among class members. You will also have access to links relating to MIS, MBTI, and careers.

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Interactive Learning Module/Study Guide for MGT 216 (MIS) - This is a link to the study guide for MGT 216 (MIS). I hope you find it helpful.

Sample Excel spreedsheet for MGT 216 (MIS) - Link to sample Excel spreedsheets for MGT 216 (MIS).

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