MH: Index

The Page of MH

Located here are various comic book-related lists I've authored which required a page of their own so that I (and others) could keep track of them.

The Marvel Western, War, Jungle and Horror indexes, your guide to the most obscure facets of the Marvel Universe. UPDATED 02/22/09!

Mark's Remarks-- an archive of editorials by my favorite comic book author, the late Mark Gruenwald. I hope to have them all up on the site eventually. UPDATED 10/14/07!

The Avengers Danglers-- tracking danglers in the Avengers comics from 1963 to the present! Now includes Iron Man Danglers! UPDATED 11/28/04!

Other Websites

My family homepage.

Since the end of 1999, I have been the proud co-owner of Sersi's Loft, a webpage dedicated to all things Eternals-related, owned by my good friend Brendon Lutwyche. My main contributions include the Encyclopaedia Olympianna, Lemuria, and Titan sections, plus many of the profiles and the interviews with Roger Stern and Walt Simonson. Sersi's Loft was my first webpage, it remains a great source of pride for me.

As of early 2002, I have served as an author/consultant/editor for The Unofficial Appendix to the Marvel Universe, a webpage dedicated to the obscure characters of the Marvel Universe, owned by Jeff Christiansen. I started off just helping out with corrections and such, but soon, I was writing full-fledged profiles, and it never comes to the end! I'm keeping a list of all the profiles I've written in part or full, just for my own use.

From mid-2002 to late 2006 I served as moderator for the War/Western Message Board, the Super-Naturals Message Board (both defunct) and the Gravity Message Board at the Second-String Sanctuary Message Boards.

As of November 2003, I have served as moderator of the Golden Age Marvel Squad Message Board, now the Invaders Message Board. I was the second member of the GAMS, a loose grouping of golden age fans on the internet, and I'm proud to serve as their latest moderator.