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This is a varied assortment of the kinds of things I do for relaxation. Feel free to browse and check it all out. If you have any questions feel free to email me at
mharrand @ (no link to cut down on spam! You'll have to type it out).

Warning: If your under 18 or not fully competent.... You can look but don't touch. Some of what I do has some potential hazards! If you haven't done the research or can't understand the dangers involved, it's best you move on..... May I recommend WWW.DISNEY.COM

Table of Content

My First PROJECT on the Taig Micro Lathe

The Gingery Power Hack Saw

The Foundry

An Aluminum Backing Plate for a Buck 6 Jaw Chuck

Resurrection of a Flea Market Drill Press (future)

Building of Rudy Kouhoupt Designed Steam Traction Engine (future)

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