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From Someone Who Loved Cassie

"On November 4, 2000
we found out our 18 year-old honor role student,
high school senior was addicted to methamphetamine.

Unfortunately, when we found out,
she was in ICU, laying in a vegatative coma.
We lost our chance to help her.
We buried our daughter two weeks later.

This web site was made with love to give parents access
to the warning signs of drug use, resources available and support.
If this website saves even one life,
then maybe someone's "Cassie" will not die.

We would like to thank RSVP volunteer Paul Boulden
for all of his work and donation of time and love
in creating this website for someone he never got to meet.

Greg, Mary and Nicki Haydal


Excerpt from a local paper..

Mary Haydal felt that she and her husband were raising their family right in the small safe town of Miles City. Her lovely older daughter, Cassie, and bright pretty younger daughter, Nicki, were active, athletic, smart, living in a loving, church-going family that was firmly against drugs. Then one day Cassie collapsed at home and died in a Billings hospital 10 days later. Her family had no idea that she had been taking methamphetamines for more than a year.

Do you want to know the warning signs of drugs, what to look for as far as paraphernalia? Do you need a list of resources to get your child help? What do you do if your child is already 18?

Good people can have addictions, but prevention is the key. What can your community do to prevent drug abuse? What can your school do? What can you do as a family?

Mary has traveled all over the state speaking at schools, to parents, teachers and key noting at conferences and conventions. She is past member of the Govenor's Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Control Policy Task Force.

All writings and photos,
which were contributed by family and friends,
are copyright protected.
Copyrighted material cannot be copied
or distributed without written consent.

(c) 2001

For more information on contributing to future publications
or to contact Cassie Haydal's family,
or write to:
Greg, Mary and Nicki Haydal
Route 1, Box 2348, Miles City, MT 59301

To read the entire story of Cassie, as told by Mary, her mom,
Mary's Story

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The Flame Presentations
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The Flame Presentations
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