Poems By Cassie Haydal

Dance With Autumn

A golden breath sweeps into November,
A perfect glow engulfs the autumn skies,
The leaves are set on fire with deep ember,
The tranquil moon is grace in its disguise.
Looking always down as Heaven's eyes,
Its striking light turns all fields to gold,
The sacred fall is born, as summer dies,
Watching days grow short and beauty unfold,
I stop for my heart to grasp,
what my eyes behold.

By Cassie Haydal (c)


With our friendship so strong
times are bound to get tough,
Through fights and arguments
and other stuff.
As long as our hearts are strong
and our minds are clear,
We won't let this ruin our friendship
not even come near.
Forgiving each other is what we need to do,
If we hold things against each other,
things will never work through.
It's like we are on a road with so many turns,
Trying to deal with our problems and concerns.
We all stick together after day,
Having the time of our lives
and throwing all our worries away!

By Cassie Haydal (c)

A Friend

You mean to me just what the blue
means to the ocean waves;
Or what a beam of sunlight
means to the darkest caves.

I hold you close like bark
is held by a dying tree;
Or how the water's held so close
by the bottom of the sea.

You give me joy like
when a mother sees her first born child;
Or like a frightened soldier
when he hears the war was won.
You always give me strength
when it seams it's sometimes gone.
You're there to help me look
right past the pain, and carry on.

We had our times together,
the happy and the sad.
We always shared the good ones
and together faced the bad.

Even if you move far away from here;
You will know that in my heart
you always will be near.
And tho we'll be apart,
we'll be together 'til the end;
'Cause you can always find a buddy,
but rarely find a friend.

By Cassie Hadal (c)

The One That Got Away

Deep down in the darkness, inside our basement walls,
there lives a man, on past he dwells and cries of war he calls...

It started like all other Sundays, with birds chirping and sunny skies,
His tackle in hand, a pole under arm, and that extra twinkle in his eyes...

Yes, he was off on a mission to snag him a whale,
no matter what oceans or seas he must sail...

So he hooked on the boat and jumped in the truck
with a kiss from his wife and her wish of good luck.

As he reached his destination in the dust,
he reached down for his sacred pole, marked with mud and rust.

He headed towards the water and found a cozy spot,
fixed his line and tossed it in and dreamed of fish he'd caught.

As he gazed into the sky, propped up on a bank,
He felt a jerk and jumped up quick as the mighty bobber sank...

He reached for the pole with a trembling hand
grabbing onto it tight and the battle began..

He gritted his teeth and used all his might
as his heartbeat grew faster in the merge of the fight.

His heart then stopped and he stood in a stare
as a thousand-pound catfish jumped into the air!

He dropped down to his knees on this horrible day,
as he watched his fish and sacred pole swim away.

He walked back to his pickup through the mosquitoes and flies,
started on his way home with vacant-looking eyes.

He stumbled in the house and down the basement stairs.
His body marked with cuts and mud, his clothes were full of tears.

He sits in the basement all alone to this very day and dreams of the moment
he'll meet again with the one that got away!

Cas (c)

Magic Johnson

When he steps onto the court
The cheers are all the same,
Loud and strong and all for him
'Cause "Magic's" in his name.

People come from all around
To watch him sweep the courts,
He pushes to the limits
And never comes up short.

Fame and glory are all his
Proud and standing tall,
A hero known to children
A legend known to all.

He can dribble past the fastes
Score on all the best,
Run it to the very max
Put them to the test.

Only one can cut him down
Like axes to a tree,
He'll fight it to the very end
Against this HIV.

But even tho the day will come
When this legend will be gone,
Inside the hearts of every fan
The "Magic" will live on.

By Cassie Haydal (c)

For Your Love Of Life

A little robin sings with pride
You hear and yet shoo him away.
The rain drops dance around your sides
But you had hoped for sun that day.

A lilac grows with sweet serene
Your shameless lips marked it a weed.
A brilliant sunset goes unseen
Ignored by selfish eyes of greed.

A restless ocean longs for love
For footsteps on its warm white sands.
You pass the falling leaves above
Once held with wonder by your hands.

God saw your wonder drift away
He heard your silent lifeless cries.
He shared his world with you today
You turned your face and hid your eyes.

By Cassie Haydal (c) 2000

Dancing Heart

Alone among the land
My arms made a tree
My hands made the branches
My chest made a river
My soul its deep canals of life
My legs, a long valley
My feet, its conversentwaves of wheat
My heart, my people
Living in my body
Living of the land, my body
My breath, the wind
Which gives life to all.

My mind, the clouds
Bringing forth the rain
My mind's thoughts the wind
Alone among the land
the rain comes
Tickling my hands, the branches my breath
Swaying my arms...
And the river now flowing
More violent my legs trembled
My toes thrashed,
The wheat rolled its golden purity
In long even strokes.
My heart danced in the rain
Now poured soaking my body with
The life of the sky.
I awoke from my dream
The sun was in the east
My eye that watched the world.

By Cassie Haydal & Marissa Anderson (c)

Look And Live

Don't just look but see
Don't want but strive for more
Look beneath a hidden rock
Open up a secret door.
Take a stranger by the hand
Ask someone to dance.
Live to love and love to live
And laugh at every chance.
And now this girl passes on
To you, this advice she does.
Don't wait till life's passed you by,
To see how great life was.

By Cassie Haydal (c) 2000

Happy Birthday, Dad

Walking in the mountains,
Snow up to my thighs,
Or hunting in the prairie,
Heat a man could
Surely die!

Hicking up besides you,
I nearly have to run,
Or tracking down a buck deer,
With my 80-pound gun...

Our trips to North Dakota
(family time) you say,
while I sit in someone's pop
and Nicki sings the whole, long way...

Traveling from town to town,
For all my B-ball trips,
I can always count on you, dad,
For all my "pregame tips"...

In all these great adventures,
The good ones and the bad,
I've never yet to see
A father great as you, Dad!

Cassie (c)

Father's Day

We've walked out twenty miles,
On a rugged mountain top.
(Well Almost)

We've hunted in the heat,
So hot it'd make a mans heart stop!

We've been right outside nowhere,
With Ernie and his son.

I've cut my arm and stubbed my toe,
While you were on the run.

We drove out on the swather,
While the sun wore us away...

We could have died of heat stroke,
On that wretched summer's day!

You made me walk in creeks alone,
For deer I was to scare;

But instead I ran out yelling,
For I swore I saw a bear!

In the mountains where only my dad goes...
My cheeks were numb, my lips were cracked,
(I could have lost my toes!)

I've been in freezing mountains, hot sun and rivers to...
But, Dad, if I had to be miserable,
I'm glad it was with you!

Cas (c)

Music Playing:
"I Believe"
sung by
Diamond Rio

From Someone Who Loved Cassie